Raymond Chua – Faye Offered RM5mil for a New Album

raymond chua, on January 12, 2011 said:

[Quoted excerpts from The Star, 13 Jan. 2011]

After Chinese pop diva Faye Wong made a comeback with a series of concerts last year, the Universal Music Group is willing to offer her RM5mil to release a new album, reported the Chinese dailies.

China Press quoted a source from Universal Music as saying that based on Faye’s Asian pop queen status, each song would cost up to HK$1mil (about RM500,000).

A new album that consists of 10 songs would cost Universal Music, Faye’s former recording firm, about HK$10mil (about RM5mil), said the daily.

When the daily contacted Universal Music senior vice-president Duncan Wong Kim-to, he said the firm had interest in signing on Faye.

[Click here for a 1.16.11 update.]


6 Responses

  1. Don’t they know Faye by now? At this point in her life, she clearly needs something more than – no, actually, something ELSE other than – money to motivate her to make a new album. They can offer her $1 gatrillion and she’d still say ‘no’ if she doesn’t feel like it. Music is not money. Oh, how about CREATIVE FREEDOM!

  2. I think if she takes the offer, the creative freedom clause is a given. I don’t believe the record company could actually come up with material better that Faye’s. I hope she does it, of course on her terms. I’m just a fayenatic that wants that voice in my ears. And hopelessly in love with Faye.

  3. Clarification: what I meant by “creative freedom” is 浮躁 (Restless) and the first half of 寓言 (Fable).

  4. When Faye recorded 浮躁 (Restless), she was so ahead of her time, she set a standard so high that it has gone unmatched. If she were to make a new album, and had the creative freedom to produce something similar to Restless (not necessarily in terms of sound, but in approach, vibe, and spirit) to demonstrate how her personal style has evolved, it would be the perfect comeback album. It would even be the perfect conclusion if it was really her last. The thought of it makes me excited, but I dont want to get my hopes too high….

  5. Yes Faye is coming up with a new albulm!! I am taipei, and source from a local news “TVBS” whereby song writer Yuan Wei Ren mentioned that Faye has requested from him for new songs 6 months ago…, apparently Faye rejected his submittions and faye claimed that her age is not too suitable for “love song”

    Note : Yuan Wei Ren, song writer for Faye’s song ” Xuan Mu” , Na Ying – Zheng Fu

  6. Well, most importantly is Faye is coming up with a new album we all have been waiting for years!!! Regardles it’s creative or monetary .. as it’d no longer important .. cos i have complete trust in faye in delvering her best in everything she does !!!

    I am so excited!!

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