Faye Wong – The Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

Photos from 9 Jan. 2011 Yang Lan interview. (Source Baidu and Philip Green Forest, 2011-01-09)

(Click here for additional 1.9.11 photos.)


7 Responses

  1. puffy jacket pic is my fav, she is hot

  2. I’m stupefied by these pictures, Faye is just gorgeous. Personally, I feel her recent radiance is a reflection of her happy marriage and a fulfilled life with her music, children and charity work. Very happy to see her so at peace.

  3. Anonymous, I think you’re spot on re Faye’s radiance. She’s in a long overdue balance in her life, and she’s aglow!

    Fayenatic, what strikes me about these photos is that they were not shot in a studio under controlled lighting and shooting conditions. These are in photo verite, shot in the real world under random and natural conditions. Yet every shot is a work of art as though it were shot in a studio.

    The photos have been taken from multiple angles and distances, yet every one is beautiful.

    And this is true of all of Faye’s photos. You really can’t find a bad shot — regardless of the shooting conditions.

    Faye is just amazingly photogenic.

  4. Faye est magnifique sur ces photos,j adore quand elle a se cote decontract et naturelle.Peut etre que le fait de remonter sur scene lui a apporter enormement dans sa vie actuelle je vais me repetter, mais comme sa on voie quelle est belle dans sa tete et dans son coeur,c est une tres belle personne , c est pour sa que nous l aimons tous .En tous ca je me rejoui tous les jours de l avoir vue sur scene.

  5. what is the card she and her husband holding in their hands? and is that iphone in her hand in the other photo?

  6. Wow! these set of b&w photos are really really i mean REALLY BEAUTIFUL! i don’t normally save photos of faye but i have saved these and they are going to the wallpaper :P

    I found out that Faye is terrible in lying hahaha What ever she is thinking, it shows on her face (discovered that from the few variety of interviews) and the laugh/smile in these photos are truly genuinely from her heart! Love it.

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