chris.swee – Faye Is Working on a New Album!, on January 15, 2011 said:

Yes Faye is coming up with a new album!! I am in taipei, and source from a local news “TVBS” whereby song writer Yuan Wei Ren mentioned that Faye has requested from him for new songs 6 months ago…, apparently Faye rejected his submissions and faye claimed that her age is not too suitable for “love song”

Note : Yuan Wei Ren, song writer for Faye’s song ” Xuan Mu” , Na Ying – Zheng Fu

Well, most importantly is Faye is coming up with a new album we all have been waiting for years!!! Regardles it’s creative or monetary .. as it’s no longer important .. cos i have complete trust in faye in delivering her best in everything she does !!!
I am so excited!!

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  1. aw Faye you are not too old for a love song. How about getting C.Y.Kong to write some? or some others she has used?

  2. I hope to hear some new songs written by Faye herself too!

  3. Chris, thanks for the confirmation! A NEW ALBUM!

    Oh, YES!

    And I agree with Mark — Faye is definitely not too old for love songs!

  4. ‘the news about yuan wei ren’s songs being rejected was reported last year as well.’ is being said on the forum…. so lets not be too optimistic.

  5. CY Kong song was ahead of time too sometimes…..which i feel but he was undervalue…..
    Imagine China have Dou Wei and Zhang Ya Dong, CYKong was similar to them as well….

    Too bad…all very under appreciate…..

  6. Raymond, the three people you’ve named have had a tremendous impact on Faye’s music and success. You’re right. They deserve a lot more credit than they’ve received. We can only hope that they will again work with Faye to break new ground in Chinese music.

  7. I agree with mark n feifan.
    but most important is that Faye is really releasing new album soon.
    i believe with her delivery for good songs…!!

  8. chris, you’re making me OH SO excited!!! thanks for the fab news, will patiently (more like impatiently) wait for her new album release! please feed more first hand updates should you have. faye ROCKS!!!

  9. In a recent interview Faye states that an album is not in the works. And that she will probably just continue releasing singles. Maybe some of the singles will be composed by her.

    I would hope for an album but if singles are all that we are going to get I can live with that!

  10. Lauren, thanks for the update. I agree. Singles are better than nothing, but we’re all hoping for an album.

    Faye’s primary album releases have all been innovative in the sense that each pushed the envelope a little further. She’s not interested in simply doing the same old things over and over again.

    When she finds the right inspiration, she’ll get back in the studio. She hasn’t found it yet, but it doesn’t mean she never will.

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