Faye Wong Arrives in Taiwan – Jan. 18

Faye Wong arrived at Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport on Jan. 18 for her January 21, 22, 23 concerts at Taipei Arena. More than 30 media outlets and hundreds of fans were waiting for her arrival. In her walk through the airport, Faye had only agreed to let the media take photographs, but apparently because the media and fans were courteous and didn’t block her movement, she compromised with the media and said, “Let’s walk and talk.” She was originally wearing a down jacket but took it off because the temperature was warm. When told that Taiwanese audiences missed her, she laughed and said: “I’m not coming?” After posing for the cameras, she said, “I am happy to be here in Taiwan. Hello everybody. Long time no see! I haven’t been here in 7-8 years (actually more than 6 years), but it doesn’t feel that long.”

(Source ent.qianlong 1.19.11)

(Source: China News and Ent. tom 1.19.11)


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  1. Don’t know if this is reliable:
    Faye will sing 《阳宝》、《眷恋》、《小聪明》、《只爱陌生人》 in Taipei.

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