Faye Wong – Seeing Me, Seeing You

Here’s an interesting match-up of photos. In the first, we see Faye at Taoyuan Airport on Jan. 18, taking a shot of fans on the other side of the glass wall. In the second, we see the shot that Faye actually took of the fan with the camera. In the first, you can see the guy with the camera at the left of the image. The second photo is from Faye’s Veggieg microblog, 1.19.11. The source for the first is China News and Ent.tom, 1.19.11.


One Response

  1. I know these are fans and they love Faye but where I come from, the “V” fingers sign showing the back of the hand is a rude gesture, kinda means “up yours” but worse. Just saying…

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