Vicki and Na Ying in Taipei to Attend Faye’s Concert

Vicki Zhao (赵薇 Zhao Wei) and Na Ying (那英) arrived in Taipei to attend Faye Wong’s (王菲) concert. (Source People’s Daily, 1.22.11, Oriental Morning Post 1.21.11)

Vicki Zhao

Na Ying


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  1. I know this isn’t related to the concert that’s happeing this weekend, which by the way you can start to see videos of it on kenni2046’s YouTube account (including a “rock remix” of Chesspeice that is completely new and cool as well as a heartwrenchingly beautiful rendition of Devotion!), but liang2045 has 1080p HD videos of Faye Wong’s 11-27 concert!!!

    here is the link:

    and here is kenni2046’s account if you don’t already know it:

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