Bye-Bye Taipei! – Faye Leaves for Home

Faye Wong arrives at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan at 13:30 on 24 Jan. 2011 to return to Beijing aboard Air China.


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    can’t wait to watch the full interview

  2. kenni2046 now has most lots more of that interview with Faye Wong and her husband. Maybe someone could translate it again—please cejan, if you don’t mind, it would do us all a great favor!

    Also, (I think this is neat) on January 23rd when Faye is singing Sky, the contraption that she is on jerks/falls a little and messes up her singing; she is shocked for a moment then you hear the audience cheering her on in support and she continues. It happens around 2:10 in this video

    She also sings
    Only Love Strangers

    A Little Clever

    and Darling Sunflower

    (some of my personal favorites!)

  3. Hi everyone,

    I booked 3 tickets thru the priority booking hotline (AEG Prom) for Faye Wong’s HK concert later in March.

    But I haven’t heard from them on my tickets and the fees have already been deducted from my account.

    Anyone has the same situation? Is this hotline a scam?

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