Away~ Despite Danger in Mid-Air, Faye Sings On!

away~, on January 26, 2011, said:

kenni2046 now has most lots more of that interview with Faye Wong and her husband. Maybe someone could translate it again—please cejan, if you don’t mind, it would do us all a great favor!

[The video above is a compilation of the five short clips uploaded to YouTube by kenni2046.]

Also, (I think this is neat) on January 23rd when Faye is singing Sky, the contraption that she is on jerks/falls a little and messes up her singing; she is shocked for a moment then you hear the audience cheering her on in support and she continues. It happens around 2:10 in this video

She also sings
Only Love Strangers

A Little Clever

and Darling Sunflower

(some of my personal favorites!)


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  1. I love the interview, got to know so much more about Faye and her views on so many things. Loving it.

  2. Host: In the past 4 years of running Smile Angel Foundation, is there any memorable experience that touch you the most?
    Faye: I wasn’t very much involved, but I have seen all this too and they are indeed touching. There was one time we went to Lhasa, Tibet to visit the patients, and there’s one young guy in his twenties, he was very emotional when he sees us. He cried and kneeled before us, and thanked us for what we did. I couldn’t stand being in a situation like this, because it was too emotional for me, especially in front of everyone. And I really couldn’t help feeling touched when seeing this.
    Yapeng: That young guy had a wish, he wanted to enlist to the army. But there are certain requirement to be enlisted, so we specially arranged a recovery procedure for him, and in the end he was enlisted.
    Host: Yapeng is also uptight(about the interview)?
    Yapeng: Indeed I am.
    Host: Why?
    Yapeng: I think we have a subtle agreement, actually we never really talk about this, that we should not appear publicly together.
    Host: Why is that so?
    Faye: Don’t we appear publicly often?
    Yapeng: Except for those charity events, we only make an appearance, no interaction.
    Host: Yeah, right.
    Yapeng: And whenever we are offered to shoot a commercial together, we straightly say no. We just feel like…. that’s not us.
    Host: So living with the three ‘sisters’ (refer to Faye and the 2 daughters), how is your status as the only male at home? Are you in the highest position?
    Yapeng: How is that possible? I think I am kind of the standard married man, I say this quite often lately, as my friends around me are about my age. I am living the standard married life, with parents and kids, life is busy indeed, just like every other family, but I am happy.
    Host: You looked like you have been through a lot(of hardships).
    Faye: That’s probably because of the beard.
    Host: The two of you communicate a lot on twitter when you don’t see each other.
    Yapeng: Sometimes we do.
    Faye: Flirting and joking around. In the beginning I just want to joke around with friends on twitter, and I just let it grow to whatever it is now naturally.
    Host: And now the paparazzi can take a break. Okay that’s all, thanks for your time, and thanks for doing this interview.
    Host: I like to ask Faye a question. You have been through a lot in your love life, do you still believe in love?
    Faye: Sure I do.
    Host: Everytime you would still devote yourself in a relationship, without reservation.
    Faye: Erm….. I think love exists in everyone, not just on me. You can see and feel it, it sure does exist. I just think that love doesn’t last forever.
    Host: Then what does last forever?
    Faye: You said just now Nicole Kidman believes that two persons to wait for a kiss..
    Host: She means because of a kiss, they wait forever, that’s only a story.
    Faye: That’s because they couldn’t have it, if they could it may not be forever.

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