Away~ Faye’s Photos on Facebook!

away~, on January 31, 2011, said:

Faye Wong’s wore some new outfits for her Taipei concert. The best pictures of them are posted on her facebook page underneath the “photos by other” section.

She altered her white costume in the beginning to include a very unique eye-patch with a ribbon coming off of it–she is so avant-garde, like a work of art! She also shows off her legs in white stockings, very sexy.

There is also another Youtube user, interestingly enough called “fayenothuman” that has 720p videos of her Taipei concert.

[Selected photos from the Facebook site:]


3 Responses

  1. whoa, is that a tattoo on her lower back in the picture of her on a bicycle? does anyone have more info about faye’s tattoos?

  2. Fayenatic, here’s another photo of Faye’s tattoo. She and Nic Tse have the same or similar tattoos, gotten when they were together.

  3. kenni2046 has now posted the entire interview, all 81 minutes of it!

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