Faye Records Brief Tunes in Her Blog

In a playful mood, Faye records, a cappella, brief excerpts from four songs on her iPhone and posts them in her blog, veggieg.

Feb.12 at 19:32

Feb.12 at 22:34

Feb.12 at 23:41

Feb.13 at 16:07

Update 2.15.11: From Marbridge Daily (2.14.11): “Chinese internet company Sina (Nasdaq: SINA) has launched a voice-based version of Sina Microblog (Weibo), allowing users to call a preset phone number to record and post voice messages. Celebrities including singer Faye Wong and Kai-fu Lee, CEO of Chinese venture capital firm Innovation Works, were among the first to try the new service. Wong’s message reached 2 mln [million] followers, while Lee’s message was forwarded over 2,000 times and garnered more than 2,000 comments” (“Sina Microblog Launches Voice Posting Service,” TechWeb, 2.14.11). Click here to read the article.


6 Responses

  1. OMG! she did that “ai ya yo” song! hahaha didnt expect that… hahaha funny

  2. great to hear… love how faye is so into the internet nowadays… hopefully it will lead to some more releases on internet

  3. just a kid at heart, great to hear her having fun

  4. Rare Faye song?

  5. what is her blog address? can I view it?? thankssss

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