ee – Faye Concert in Singapore – Oct. 2011!

ee, on February 25, 2011, said:

hi hi, fyi.. faye concert in Singapore!!!

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Excerpts from the article, roughly translated into English:

Faye Wong Concert October Singapore Record 400 Fare?

Last October 29, 2010, after Faye’s Beijing comeback concert, the decision was made for a concert in October 2011 in Singapore, in the Lion City, but the venue and date have yet to be set. Faye Wong’s last Singapore concert was in June 2004, seven years ago.

The cost of the concert is an estimated 3.3 million Singapore dollars, which earlier discouraged the local concert organizer.

(Source: Chen Qiuyan, United Evening News, 2.25.11; Showbiz Singapore)


12 Responses

  1. Really a good news.. can’t wait for it d…

  2. OMG! No Malaysia?? But Singapore is close enough :)

  3. Erm its 3.3 million right? not 330 million.

  4. Kay, thanks for the correction! Yes, 3.3 mil!

  5. Yes…Malaysia as well…please please please Faye faye~~~

  6. need to know all bout her….. thankss ^^

  7. Faye in rehearsal!

  8. Is it true that faye confirms to hold concert in s’pore? pls don’t mind to notify me
    omg”””! Can’t wait for it
    Btw, i’m from indonesia

  9. the date is out out!!! 29 oct!!! check the organiser facebook’s here:!/?sk=lf

  10. Wow! Thanks for the good news, ee! Only one performance? The Singapore officials should really go for two or three. Faye has enough of a fanbase to support multiple concerts. Fans will also probably fly in from different places as well.

  11. please come to Malaysia too….

  12. I hope she comes to Malaysia too but if not, I will see her and all you FayeFans in Singapore! Keep us updated especially on the ticketing sales :) Thank Q x 10000 !

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