Deb – What Is Faye’s Beauty Routine and Diet?

Deb, on March 3, 2011, said:

Can anyone find out Faye’s beauty routine & diet?! I know a lot of it is her DNA but how can she not look a day over 25?! She even smokes! She needs to be studied.


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  1. Great question, Deb. I’ve seen a lot of articles claiming that it’s this diet or that, but none seem to be more than speculation, often touting the writers’ service or product.

    I think you’re spot on when you say that it’s probably her DNA. Her looks, voice, talent, brains, attitude — all seem to be innate. She’s a one-off, and I think this is what makes her so special to all of her fans. We realize that she’s unique, different, and that we’ll never see another total package like her again.

    Having said that, though, I have to admit that her life style and life choices must have something to do with it, too. Her attitude is a big part of it, I think. She seems to live within herself. She doesn’t try to be someone else or something she’s not. (She detests “pretentious” people.) She’s content and happy with who she is. And most importantly, she doesn’t lie to herself or to others. She’s completely honest. She is who she is. Very few have this kind of balance and harmony in their lives.

    Second, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. By that, I mean she doesn’t envy, hate, look down on, hurt, despise, or disrespect anyone. She has a pure, child-like innocence and faith that, I believe, will keep her forever youthful both spiritually and physically.

    From her microblog, veggieg, we can see that she sees beauty all around her, in things and scenes that the rest of us take for granted. She finds so many interesting things around her, wherever she goes, in the most common, everyday scenes.

    This openness also makes it possible for Faye to empathize with people, feeling their sadness, hopes, fears, joys, etc. I think this is what we see in her charity work, performances, and intimate, informal interactions with fans. She understands that we love her songs and performances, and she goes all out to make sure that she delivers. At the end of her concerts, her heartfelt thank you and words tell us that she’s there for the fans and that she’s given her all in her performance.

    We know it’s true because we can see that she’s completely drained at the end. From the beginning of the concert to the end, with every song, we see Faye in total concentration, delivering every word, every note with the same intensity and feeling. With every song, we get the feeling that she’s singing it for the first time, with all her emotions. We can feel this in her concentration, her focus, in her closed eyes, in her voice.

    Faye is a philosophical and spiritual model for healthy living. The lesson seems to be that if we make sure our insides are beautiful and honest, then our outsides will be, too.

  2. Merci feifan pour vos commentaire,j aimerais revenir sur la photo d elle qu elle a mise sur son blog,ou elle est dans sa couette rouge,je la trouve tres belle sur cette photo ,elle degage beaucoup d emotion,il y a une forme de tristesse que l on retrouve aussi dans des reportages sur elle,et dans des scenes de 2046.Aucune autre artistes ou chanteuses au monde oseraient se montrer ainssi le matin comme naturelle sans maquillage,et encore moins soit disant certaines stars anglo saxonnes qui sont loins d avoir sont talent et son aura.Pour en revenir a Faye acceptons avec une imensse joie tous le bonheur et l emotion qu elle nous apporte,comme je l avait deja dit meme si elle est tres belle physiquement ,elle est surtout sincere belle dans son coeur et dans sa tete,c est une belle personne , que dieu la protege ,je luis adresse mons affection et mes respects les plus sinceres.

  3. I’m not greedy, just skin like hers would be enough for me :) maybe someone can tweet her to reveal her secrets?

  4. yeah i want to know too

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