Faye’s HK Concert – A New Song!

Faye Wong (王菲), in her March 4, 2011, concert in Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo, added a new song to her program, a cover of Eason Chan’s  (陳奕迅) “Eyes Wide Shut” (大開眼界 (打回原形 aka “Their Colors”). For Fayenatics, this is a new, never-before-heard addition to Faye’s song list! The audio is a rip from the video. (The video was uploaded to YouTube by fayelink on Mar 4, 2011.)

UPDATE: Vikki, on March 4, 2011, said: “She did a cover of Eason Chan’s 大開眼界, which really opened all the eyes in the audience! So great to hear Faye sing in Cantonese after all these years… *faint*.”

Comment by Feifan: Vikki also posted a version of the YouTube video above in the comments section. She and I must’ve discovered the video at about the same time. Technically, she posted her comment 20 minutes before I published this article, but I didn’t see her comment until after I clicked on publish. My apologies, Vikki. If I’d seen your comment, I would’ve given you the credit you deserve for this.

P.S. From your comments, can we assume that you were actually in the audience? If you were, I’m totally green with envy! Some of the news articles reported that Faye was having a bit of trouble with the Cantonese songs but apparently no one minded and everyone was pleased that she made the effort for her Cantonese-speaking fans in HK.


8 Responses

  1. Hi Feifan,
    No, I was not in the audience. I wish I was though! I made that comment because I heard the uproar in the audience from the video. I’m from HK so I totally understand what it feels to hear Faye sings in Cantonese…

  2. Kenni2046 God love him, just posted this song in a little better quality [less chatter by the audience]


  3. Hi, Mark. I viewed them both several times and as far as I can tell, they’re the same video. I can hear the same guy in the audience, close to the camera, singing. Test them, A and B, first one then the other, especially the first 60 seconds. If you still think the version uploaded by Kenni2046 is better, I’ll upload it here. I agree, though, that Kenni2046 has been a phenomenal source of great videos for all Fayenatics. He’s helping all Fayenatics who can’t afford to attend the live concerts.

  4. Hi Vikki. I know exactly what you mean by the HK audience’s roar of joy when Faye sings in Cantonese. I get goosebumps, too, when I hear it in videos.They know she’s doing it especially for them. Faye has a deep and very intimate bond with her HK fans. This is where she got her real start, this is where she found fame. If she didn’t make the move to HK, I don’t think her career would have gone very far. I love the DVDs of her concerts in HK Coliseum. They’re magic. I’m still hoping that she’ll put out a DVD of one of her come-back concerts. I’d like to see it in hi-def. Blu-ray would be nice!

  5. This video is from the friend I went to watch the concert with!! The girl’s voice in the video is me!!! Haha. I’ll post my version when I get back to Canada!! Love the concert!!!!

  6. Didar, at about the 0:40 mark we hear a girl’s voice clearly. That’s you? OMG! You were there! Faye sounds/looks fabulous in these videos, but at the actual performance, she must sound and look even more beautiful. All the lighting and stage effects, too, look amazing in videos and photos, but they must be incredible when you’re actually there. Congrats on being there! All of us who weren’t able to attend are jealous!

  7. Did Faye really sing “MV”? AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Did she did she did she?

  8. Yes yes it’s me!!! I’m leaving HK so I will upload my videos soon!!! Being there LIVE is so much better!!!! I watched all 3 nights!!! She was the best on 2nd night and sang 2 different songs on 3rd night!!! Guardian angel and if you’re real!!! Yes she sang MV!!

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