Vikki – Faye’s HK Opening a Success!

Vikki, on March 4, 2011, said: 1st night’s a success, as expected:
[Rough translation of excerpts from the linked site:]
Faye Wong’s Hong Kong Asia World Expo show opened on March 4 to a full house. Her husband, Yapeng, friend Carina Lau, Zing, and manager Chen Jiaying also appeared. (Source: Sing Tao 3.4.11, Friday 22:25)


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  1. She did a cover of Eason Chan’s 大開眼界, which really opened all the eyes in the audience! So great to hear Faye sings in Cantonese after all these years… *faint*

  2. Hey FeiFan,

    Thought you might enjoy this link, there are tons of high quality, beautiful photos on Flickr from the concert on March 4. 2 Flickr members GieGie C and Joleye captured some great images. Just click on the thumbnail to see them bigger. You can’t download GG’s, but you can Joleye. Absolutely stunning!

  3. Doh! I forgot to include the link! Here it is –

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