Megan – Fab Joleye Photos from March 4 HK Concert!

Megan, on March 5, 2011, said:

Hey FeiFan,

Thought you might enjoy this link, there are tons of high quality, beautiful photos on Flickr from the concert on March 4. 2 Flickr members GieGie C and Joleye captured some great images. Just click on the thumbnail to see them bigger. You can’t download GG’s, but you can Joleye. Absolutely stunning!

Doh! I forgot to include the link! Here it is –


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  1. Megan! WOW! The photos by Joleye and GieGie C are absolutely jaw-dropping! I can imagine what it must be like to actually be there! Like being in a totally different world! Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome, I was totally ecstatic to find them! I am a photographer, so I can totally appreciate these images from a technical and Fayenatic standpoint. The clarity is just wonderful. Keep checking that link, just as I sent it to you, some other members have uploaded more photos. She looked stunning, that’s for sure!

  3. Your’e welcome! I knew you’d appreciate them! Check that link frequently because since I just shared it with you, other new photos from different people have been uploaded. I am a photographer I appreciate the true beauty technically of these, as well as from a Fayenatics standpoint. Technology is just so crazy, the cameras are so good, and the internet. We can get pics so quickly and such good quality too! They are some stunning photos though, really does make you feel like you were there.


    Chapman To, a HK actor and filmmaker, considers Faye’s concert “可能是世界上最好的演唱會” (perhaps the best concert in the world).

    He took some great pics of Faye.

  5. Journee mondiale de la femme,mes amities a toutes les fans de faye, principalement feifan qui a toujours les mots juste pour parler ou nous donner des imformations et des commentaires , et qui des fois traduit les miens.merveilleuse journee a toutes et bien entendu j associe F aye a cette journee en luis souhaitant qu elle soit la plus agreable possible.

  6. There are some great photos over at Facebook as well:

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