Didar – Attended All 3 Faye HK Performances!

Didar, on March 7, 2011, said:

Yes yes it’s me!!! [Click here to hear Didar in the video at about the 0:40 mark.] I’m leaving HK so I will upload my videos soon!!! Being there LIVE is so much better!!!! I watched all 3 nights!!! She was the best on 2nd night and sang 2 different songs on 3rd night!!! Guardian angel and if you’re real!!! Yes she sang MV!!


3 Responses

  1. MV is among my favourite songs from her concerts so far. Others include 彼岸花, Rilkean Heart, 我爱你, 眷戀, 再見螢火蟲.

    And I just can’t stop listening to her Eason cover – it isn’t the most fabulous song, but she sings it most fabulously!

  2. As Faye was the best on 2nd night, according to Didar, celsior360’s Channel at YouTube has some great ones from that very night:

  3. My concert clips are done… here are the links.. from beginning to the end… preview of each song. Mainly from March 4 where i was sitting in block 16. I did go to March 5 and 6 at block c!! I did include the 2 songs she sang on march 6 which is guardian angel and if you are real.

    part 1

    Part 2

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