away~ ‘MV’ and ‘Guardian Angel’ Videos from March 6 HK Concert!

away~, on March 8, 2011, said:

oh my gosh!!!! Faye Wong sings MV and Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is one of my all time fayevorites!!!! and I remember someone on this website wanted her to sing MV live–your dream has come true!!

MV –

Uploaded to YouTube by fayenothuman on Mar 8, 2011.

Guardian Angel –

Uploaded to YouTube by fayenothuman on Mar 8, 2011.


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  1. I just find it interesting to note that the music writer of Guardian Angel is 黄家强, from the band Beyond. They were signed to the same record company, Cinepoly, as Faye was early in her career. They also starred in a movie together back in 1991, called Beyond’s Diary!

    As for MV, I was surprised that it made it to the concert. Too bad Nicholas Tse, who wrote the music, didn’t come to see Faye!

  2. Thanks away.

    MV is written by Nic, Guardian Angel, Paul Wong, then there is the Eason cover – maybe her selection of songs is her way of saying ‘thank you’ to her friends in the HK music industry? Or, she wants to help showcase the talent of local musicians?

    What do you guys think about the meaning behind her song selection?

  3. I’m over the moon that I finally get to hear three of my favourite songs live, the third being flower of the other shore.

  4. zhang ya dong is a genius for working tt melody tt nic wrote. i mean… its simply magical.

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