Didar’s Videos from Faye’s HK Concert!

Didar, on March 9, 2011, said:

My concert clips are done… here are the links.. from beginning to the end… preview of each song. Mainly from March 4 where i was sitting in block 16. I did go to March 5 and 6 at block c!! I did include the 2 songs she sang on march 6 which is guardian angel and if you are real.

part 1

Part 2


8 Responses

  1. Regarder sur la video de didar partie1 a 12 mn peandant qu elle chante jiang ai , la musique et les choristes sont completement decalee , et j ais beaucoup de peine pour elle, elle a l air abattue meme si elle finie bien la chansson, preuve aussi qu elle chante en direct , alors que Madonna ou Britney s chante en play bak .

  2. Didar, thank you so much for posting these! Superb quality! You’re the best!!

  3. You’re welcome!!! Good things are for sharing!!! Faye is just too awesome!!!

  4. Didar, let me join Vikki in thanking you for your amazing generosity! Faye fans who couldn’t attend are grateful beyond words.

    And I join Yvan in expressing my excitement over the performances that you’ve captured. Faye is just amazing. One of the few in the world who sounds just as good if not better live!

  5. Yes she sound so good LIVE all 3 nights so u can mix clips from different nights and she still sound the same!!! U won’t know the difference!! She is just goddess!!! My clips are mainly from first night so that’s not even her best night yet she was still amazing!!!

  6. YAY! Finally she sings 色盲!

    Agree; her frustration is painful for her fans to see. But, through that, we also see how deeply she cares about her music, how deeply she is submerged in her performance! Like feifan said in another post, Faye does give it her all.

  7. Thanks for posting these links. Really nice and dedicated…

    I just love how dynamic Faye’s concerts are… how flexible and so many fab songs to mix and match to entertain the audience in different cities.

  8. Incredible. Her live performance of 彼岸花 literally gave me goosebumps.

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