Vikki and Chelsea – Faye’s HK-related Selections

Vikki, on March 9, 2011, said:

I just find it interesting to note that the music writer of Guardian Angel is 黄家强, from the band Beyond. They were signed to the same record company, Cinepoly, as Faye was early in her career. They also starred in a movie together back in 1991, called Beyond’s Diary!

As for MV, I was surprised that it made it to the concert. Too bad Nicholas Tse, who wrote the music, didn’t come to see Faye!

[Photo from Cinepoly 5th Anniversary vinyl album released in 1990.]

chelsea, on March 9, 2011, said:

Thanks away.

MV is written by Nic, Guardian Angel, Steve Wong, then there is the Eason cover – maybe her selection of songs is her way of saying ‘thank you’ to her friends in the HK music industry? Or, she wants to help showcase the talent of local musicians?

What do you guys think about the meaning behind her song selection?

[Photo from Cinepoly 5th Anniversary vinyl album released in 1990.]


6 Responses

  1. sorry, not Paul Wong, STEVE Wong.

  2. Hey, Chelsea. No problem. It’s fixed.

    BTW, that’s a good question. Faye anguishes over song selections and puts a lot of thought into it. For every song, for every sequence of songs, she has a reason. As you say, it’s her way of communicating with her audience, letting them know that she thinks about them and is sensitive to their wishes.

    I agree with you that these songs with HK roots are Faye’s way of “saying ‘thank you’ to her friends in the HK music industry” and to all her fans who have waited so many years to see her live in concert again.

  3. Faye has changed her rundown a bit again! She sang 色盲 tonight!

  4. OMG… and she changed some of her outfits too! Check out the rest of patricklee1978’s videos!

  5. Is there anyway I can get a poster of the two photos above? It has my all time favorite artists BEYOND and Faye. *sigh*

    Also, where can I get the Cinepoly 5th Anniversary vinyl? It sounds almost impossible, but it’s worth asking.

  6. Hi, Linh. I’m not sure if posters with those two photos are available anywhere. I got the photos from a booklet that was included with the vinyl album. I bought the album in an online auction years ago.

    I routinely scan the web for online auctions and sales of Faye albums — especially the early ones. They are rare and hard to find, but they will show up every once in a while so don’t give up.

    Following Faye’s career is fascinating, especially the early years. You have to wonder why she remained under the radar for so long in her teen years. She was somewhat popular in China, but unknown outside the mainland.

    When she went to HK, the people in the music business who recognized her talent didn’t appreciate what she had and mismanaged her development. They simply didn’t know how to best showcase all her obvious talent and beauty.

    It wasn’t until 1992 that Faye decided to take charge of her own career and made the decisions that led to her stardom. Thus, in the end, it was her brains and courage that were the key to her success.

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