ktrwnggman – Faye’s ‘What’s Up?’ Ehanced by Rickotube

ktrwnggman, on March 25, 2011, said:

Im not sure if you guys have heard of another rare song by Faye, otherwise it would be worthwhile to add it into this collection.

Check this video out (voice only) posted by rickotube [YouTube May 22, 2009]:

MP3 ripped from this video.

YouTube Notes by rickotube:

Faye Wong – What’s Up? (clear ver) [ 4 Non Blondes cover ] 王菲
Uploaded by rickotube on May 22, 2009
Faye Wong – What’s Up? (Live in 1994) [better sound quality]
I’ve made some sound quality improvement with cooledit pro to make the original mono track feels like a stereo one. I hope you will like it.
This is a live performance of Faye Wong in 1994 for a charity show. The pictures in this video clip are Faye & his husband attending some charity activities in 08 & 09.
The Smileangel Foundation is a charity founded by Li Yapeng & Faye Wong to help children with clefts and to aid children who lost limbs in the Sichuan Earthquake. It is affiliated with the Red Cross Society of China. The foundation is named after the founders’ daughter, Li Yan, who was born with severe clefts. Up to 2008, the foundation has raised over 35 million renminbi. It has assisted 2008 children since its founding.

Click here for a related article.


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