Music from Veggieg – April 8 & 9

From time to time, Faye Wong will post links to music in her microblog, Veggieg. (Click here for her official site, which requires a sign in.) I’ll post some of them in Faye Wong Today for you to enjoy. Here’s the first installment, from Faye’s April 8 and 9 posts. The first song, “Adagio,” from Songs from a Secret Garden (1996), should sound very familiar to all fayenatics!

These are songs Faye is currently listening to and wishes to share with us, her fans. She usually attaches visuals to the music, and these add depth to our enjoyment. Together, they’re beautiful.

If you’re a Faye fan, I think you’ll find her selections fascinating. They give us an idea of the wide range of music that she listens to, but we can detect a common thread through all of them — beauty! They’re all beautiful. I don’t think it’s surprising that Faye fans probably share a common taste with Faye. If Faye likes a certain song, then we probably would, too. I find this true for myself. Her selections resonate with me.

When I listen to the songs Faye posts in Veggieg, I can usually imagine her singing, humming, or dancing along.

I have a feeling that some of these selections are hints or indications of where Faye may be headed when she eventually steps into the recording studio. Faye is always studying, searching and exploring the worldwide music scene for ideas and trends that she might want to experiment with.

Thus, these selections are indications of not only Faye’s moods and tastes on given days, but also influences that are shaping her future recordings.

8 April 2011

Secret Garden (Songs from a Secret Garden, 1996)- Adagio

Secret Garden (Once in a Red Moon, 2002) – The Promise

9 April 2011

Secret Garden (Songs from a Secret Garden, 1996)- Papillon


2 Responses

  1. If faye reads this post, I think she would enjoy listening to some of Erik Satie’s music.

  2. Wong Kar-wai used to play a sad song by Secret Garden to help Faye cultivate feelings for a scene when she was filming 2046:

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