Raymond Chua – Question About Faye’s 1986 Album ‘Parting’

raymond chua, on May 4, 2011, said:

Actually when i check the in Wikipedia, faye wong studio album release list are as below:

Studio Albums

1985: Enchanting Carrie (迷人的卡勒)
1985: Where Does the Wind Come From (風從哪裏來)
1986: Miss Charm (迷人小姐)
1986: Parting (分手)
1986: Teresa Teng’s Hometown Love (鄧麗君故鄉情)
1987: Wong Fei Collection (王菲珍藏集)
1989: Shirley Wong (王靖雯)
1990: Everything
1990: You’re the Only One
1992: Coming Home
1993: No Regrets (執迷不悔)
1993: 100,000 Whys (十萬個為什麼)
1994: Mystery (迷)
1994: Random Thoughts (胡思亂想)
1994: Sky (天空)
1994: Ingratiate Oneself (討好自己)
1995: Decadent Sounds of Faye (菲靡靡之音)
1995: Di-Dar
1996: Restless (浮躁)
1997: Faye Wong (王菲)
1998: Scenic Tour (唱遊)
1999: Only Love Strangers (只愛陌生人)
2000: Fable (寓言)
2001: Faye Wong (王菲)
2002: To Love (將愛)

During 1986……Parting….could this be an album with official faye wong first song…..or mostly cover teresa Songs. Looks weird to have2 album cover of teresa songs. and the songs title i think i never heard teresa cover before.

Comment by Feifan 5.4.11

Raymond, good question re “1986: Parting (分手).” I did some research. Here’s an image of the cassette album cover. I found two dates for the Cinepoly Records release: November 1986 and May 1, 1986. The title is Parting or Break Up (分手), taken from the third track. There are ten Mandarin tracks.

The ten tracks are:

01 说说笑笑  Laugh
02 童年的故乡 Childhood home
03 分手  Break up
04 小小月芽走过来  Little came ubliquus
05 妈妈的歌  Mom song
06 舞会皇后  Drama Queen
07 手牵手  Hand in hand
08 妈妈的怀抱  Mother’s embrace
09 你的影像  Your image
10 南海姑娘  South China girl


2 Responses

  1. I taught she didnt use Wang Fei last time. Anyway are all those songs is a cover version of teresa

  2. Hi, Raymond. I’m not very familiar with Teresa’s songs, but I do know that at least three in this album, Parting (分手), are Teresa covers: (1) 说说笑笑 Laugh, (2) 妈妈的歌 Mom song, and (10) 南海姑娘 South China girl. I have a feeling many if not most of the others were also released by Teresa.

    Re “Wang Fei” — that’s actually the name she began recording under until she moved to Hong Kong and was renamed Wang Jing Wen (王靖雯). She used this name in her first three albums. Then, in 1992, with Coming Home, she switched back to Wang Fei.

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