Cejan – Faye’s 1996 Interview

From: cejan p
Date: Thu, May 5, 2011
Subj: Faye’s interview in 1996

feifan, recently I saw this video on youtube of Faye’s interview on a Taiwanese TV show to promote her album Restless back in 1996. I find this video quite interesting, because the host actually had the audience ask Faye about her album and music choice. And Faye was honest enough to say that she thought the songs written by Cocteau Twins for her album weren’t as good as their own compositions.

Throughout the interview you can tell she’s a really honest person, and never give fake answers to please anyone.

Added 5.7.11 by Feifan:
Cejan, thanks for this rare video. I’d never seen it. The interview was probably conducted on the same day that the following photos were taken: the first from her May 1997 Cinepoly EP, Help Yourself, and the second from the Oct. 14, 1996, cover of Time magazine. BTW, we’d love to have a translation of this interview, that is, if you can find the time. Your “Complete Translation of Faye and Yapeng’s [Jan. 9, 2011] Interview with Yang Lan” has been getting a lot of hits.


5 Responses

  1. I don’t think the interview was done on the same day as the photos were taken, she’s just been wearing the same shirt I think. As for the translation, I will find time to do it.

  2. thanks for sharing. Faye’s so cute when she sneezed.

  3. Yeah and also the photos were taken in Hong Kong while the interview happened at Taiwan.

  4. Cejan and Wubing, you’re probably right re the photos being taken on different days. However, don’t forget that the flight time between HK and Taipei is less than two hours so it’s conceivable that Faye was in both places on the same day, e.g., morning shoot in HK and evening interview in Taipei — or vice-versa.

  5. Hmm maybe is true…but seems rather tiring for her to do a major photo-shoot and an interview all on the same day. But anyway as she is our Faye, she is a goddess, so maybe she can do it hahaha.

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