From Veggieg on Mother’s Day 2011

Photos from Faye Wong’s blog, Veggieg, on Mother’s Day. The top photo is of Faye with Yan on June 27, 2006.

Cejan on May 9 emailed me a correction to my earlier post: Hi feifan, recently Li Yapeng posted a photo of Faye and their daughter on his weibo (shared on Faye’s weibo too), as he wrote, “Today’s Mother’s day, Yan’er is making a gift for her mother secretly, I’m overwhelmed. I can’t help but to post a photo to share with all mothers. It’s taken on June 27, 2006, Yan’er was just 1 month old. We had just arrived in Los Angeles, to seek medical treament for Yan’er, it’s in the morning at the house of Yan’er’s grandfather. Everything I wish to express is in the photo – It’s the most beautiful moment of life.”

About seven hours later, we received a similar correction from neuyyar in the comments section. He also added a translation of Faye’s reply  to Li Yapeng (@一号立井 or @ One Shaft): “Mother ~ love ~ beautiful.”

Much thanks to Cejan and neuyyar.

Click here for Jing Tong’s Mother’s Day message to Faye. The lower photo is from Faye’s reply to Jing Tong on Mother’s Day.


5 Responses

  1. Great site! But I see you are not a native Chinese speaker because what you wrote is not totally accurate.

    This is what LYP wrote:
    “Today is Mother’s Day and Yan is secretly preparing a gift for mom. Seeing this, I had to share this photo to all of you mothers out there. It was taken on June 27, 2006, when Yan was 1 month old. On that morning we were at Grandpa’s house in Los Angeles, after arriving in the States for medical treatments on Yan. Everything I wanted to say is in the picture; I think it’s one of the most beautiful moments in life.”

    Faye replied in her typical non-sensical way:
    “Mother ~ love ~ beautiful”

  2. We always see Faye as a cool, fun superstar, but this tender photo really shows that she is a loving mother first and everything else comes second. Very touching and human.

  3. Wow….that picture……………Brilliant.,…….

  4. Deb and Raymond, I’m with you. Faye’s tenderness is captured in this photo,which is a work of art. Early morning quiet, with the sun’s rays pouring in through drawn curtains. A mother’s total love for her baby, who will be undergoing corrective surgery. Full of love and hope. If Yapeng is the photographer, he has a wonderful eye. The composition is stunning and moving. He says, “Everything I wish to express is in the photo – It’s the most beautiful moment of life.” I think we all feel it, too.

  5. Actually from this photo and from Yapeng statement,
    I believe:
    1.)Ya Peng is for Faye and Faye is for Ya Peng,
    2) I understand now why faye choose Ya Peng
    3) Ya Peng is a good father and a good person
    ( We saw him fight with photographer before, a bit
    of bad perception of him)
    4) Angel Smile fund are really a sincere organisation
    5) from the interview we understand them a lot better and that He did not ask FAYE not to Sing.

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