Tong Tong and Yan on July 29

Tong Tong (竇靖童 Dou Jingtong) and Li Yan (李嫣) – photo from Faye’s microblog, Veggieg, 29 July 2011.

Vikki, on August 1, 2011, said:
This looks like in the U.S….?

grady, on August 7, 2011, said:
They are on 65th street and 3rd avenue here in New York City. I live not too far from there.


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  1. This looks like in the U.S….?

  2. They are on 65th street and 3rd avenue here in New York City. I live not too far from there.

  3. Hi, Vikki. Yes, you’re right! New York City! Faye and her family went there to celebrate Faye and Yapeng’s 6th anniversary.

  4. So adorable this Li Yan, already knows how to hail a cab…heeeee.

  5. Grady, my apologies for the delay in posting your comment. For some reason, it was sitting in the spam queue.

    What I love about Faye is that she is international in her interests and life style. The world is her neighborhood, and she is just as much at home in Paris or New York City as she is in Beijing or Hong Kong.

    Were you thinking, even for just a moment, that you might have walked past her, Yapeng, Tong Tong, and Yan without even knowing it? I know that sometimes I’m so much in a rush that I’m not aware of the people around me.

    But this is Faye so I’m sure you would have noticed. I’m sure I would if I happened to pass her on the street. Faye has an aura, a glow, that would grab our attention even if she were trying to hide behind shades, a hat, and a coat.

    I wonder what I would do or say if I were in NY at the same time and bumped into her on the street. If she were just standing there, relaxed and enjoying the scene, I might approach her, and we might have a conversation like this:

    Hi. You’re Faye Wong, aren’t you?

    Faye: Yes.

    Wow! I can’t believe it! OMG! I never dreamed I’d see you in person like this. I have every album you’ve made and heard every song you sang. And I’ve seen every film and TV appearance!

    Faye: Do you live here, in New York City?

    No, I’m just visiting friends. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d bump into you like this! You’re more beautiful and radiant than I’d ever imagined!

    Faye: My family and I are here to celebrate Yapeng and my 6th anniversary. We love to come to the States to relax and just be ourselves.

    Yes, it must be hard for you to go about anywhere in China, HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. without the paparazzi or your fans descending on you. I hope you don’t mind my forcing myself on you like this.

    Faye: No, not at all. I’m happy to talk with fans in a setting like this.

    Can I ask you a question?

    Faye: Sure, but I may not be able to answer it if it’s too personal or touches on a confidential topic.

    Are you planning to release an album soon? And if so, will it contain new songs? All of us, your fans, are anxiously waiting for it.

    Faye: Nothing definite has been planned, but it’s a possibility. When the time is right, when I have some new songs that I’d like to share with you…. But only time will tell. Right now, I’m enjoying what I’m doing.

    Faye, could I take a picture with you?

    Faye: Yes, of course. But let me take one, too.

    At this point, we both take out our iPhone 4s and snap a picture of us, together.

    Faye, I won’t take up any more of your time. Thank you so much for talking with me and letting me take a picture with you. This photo will be my personal treasure, and this moment will be a highlight in my life.

    Faye: You’re welcome, and thank you for chatting with me and for your kind words.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in the U.S. Bye!

    Faye: Bye!

    LOL! I wish!

  6. I’ve thought that maybe i could have walked right past her and not known it, or not believed it. in that neighborhood you can see practically anyone and lots of people who can look like anyone.

    hahaha. I think MY conversation would have been more like this:

    Me: uhhhh wha wow uhhh f-f–fa…. you are — fa… won…

    Faye: taxi!


  7. LOL! Actually, my legs would probably give out and I’d end yp babbling incoherently. The shock would be too great. I’d make a total fool of myself. Faye would wonder why Americans are such idiots! But it would still be one of the happiest moments in my life!

  8. It was reported that Faye will release a new album later this year!! Also, one of the promotional singles, written by Faye, will be titled “Yan”, as in the name of her younger daughter…… CAN’T WAIT!​3762/15110385

  9. Hi Faye,

    my name is Ray and I work at the salon on Madison Ave and 49th street in NYC. After work on my way to the train station(probably back in July, passing by Saks 5th Ave and I think I saw you coming out of there from shopping and hopped into a cab. was that you? probably since you were in the U.S. during that period of time. You look amazingly beautiful. Keep up with the good work and hope all is well.


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