Happy Birthday Faye!

Faye, all of us at Faye Wong Today wish you a very happy birthday! You continue to bring so much beauty and goodness into our lives. Thank you! We love you!

Two photos above from Katie’s blog, 8 Aug. 2011.

Photo from Zing’s blog, 8 Aug. 2011.

Photos from Ryan’s blog, 8 Aug. 2011.

Photo from the Daily Chilli, 10 Aug. 2011.


4 Responses

  1. She never really ages, does she?

  2. wow the cake written in English…who made it? Happy Birthday Faye

  3. Hey, OneRedOneWhite. Yes, Faye doesn’t age. She looks more beautiful now than ever before. As Deb once said, we gotta closely examine her DNA and try to clone it for the rest of us. LOL!

    Hey, Mark. Good question. Not sure about who made the cake, but yes, the writing on the little plaque seems to be in English. Notice the card written in English by Yan? She’s already a budding writer!

  4. Happi B day Faye – from a Fayenatic in Santa Monica CA !

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