Mark Cheong – Video from Faye’s Malaysia Concert

Mark Cheong, on November 10, 2011, said:

Hi! Thank goodness for your Faye blog. I can’t read Chinese so this is great. Attended Faye’s concert on Sunday (Kuala Lumpur) and was completely mesmerised. Inspired to make a little video with some footage I shot on my iPhone. Hope you’ll like it, and share it with your readers :-)


[Mark’s comment on his “Faye Wong Live 2011” video, uploaded to YouTube  on Nov. 9, 2011:]

Awesome concert with Wong Kar Wai’s artistic contribution elevating it to a near-perfection level. Lighting designer, Mitsumasa Hayashi’s, brilliant illumination was a show by itself. And Faye…always coolly incomparable. This is truly more than a concert – it is a love letter from Faye to her fayenatics.


4 Responses

  1. I was also there and faye’s concert really was breathtaking. I wish I could relive it over and over again. The sound and lighting really was almost perfect and of course Faye voice IS perfect. I think A Perfect Indian was her most special song. To everyone who was there – we will remember fog a long time!
    And any news of an official concert CD or DVD? And any more concert scheduled?

  2. Hi, Ranger86. Yes, Faye has two more concerts scheduled: (1) Harbin in Northeast China on November 26 and 27; (2) Chengdu in Southwest China on December 9 and 10.

    I’m hoping, too, that Faye will release both a DVD and a CD based on one of the 2011 concerts. In the past, the Hong Kong concerts have served as the venue for releases, and they were distributed quite a bit after the tour was completed.

    If or when they’re released, I know they’re going to be spectacular, and even moreso if the DVD is Blu-Ray and the CD is high-definition.

  3. Hi, feifan! Thanks for posting the video. Can’t wait for the concert CD! :-)

  4. I too wait for a DVD of her concert tour…America’s biggest fan!

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