Chelsea – Faye Sings Schubert’s ‘Serenade’

Chelsea, on December 1, 2011, said:
The video is bad but the sound is pretty good.

[“Serenade” ends at the 4:50 mark. “Heart Sutra” begins at the 5:10 mark.]
[MP3 ripped from the video above, which was uploaded to YouTube by shawnliu828 on Dec 1, 2011]

[Feifan: Additional media:]
[MP3 ripped from Renny Wong’s video (on Tudou), which eliminates most of the clicks and pops]

[The video and stills below are from Sohu, 12.2.11]


6 Responses

  1. Magnifique et magique c etait a l occasion de la soiree consacree a Smile angel elle est accompagnee par l orchestre philharmonique d allemagne il y a pleins de photos sur le net , il faut taper son nom.

  2. Recently I had the inspiration to make a video of Faye’s recent live performance of jiang ai. I cut together a couple different videos from the same night to create a neat DVD-like video. Check it out.

    Here is the one with the intro:

    and without the intro:


    This FB group has pretty good pics.

  4. A video released by Smile Angel Foundation before the concert. First look of Faye’s wedding pictures.

  5. yeah, never before seen bridal pictures taken in a farm!

  6. Merci madame pour cette belle lecon d humilitee , vous etiez tres belle emouvante , vous ete vraiment une tre belle personne dans votre coeur , encore merci pour ce moment de pure emotion . yvan

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