ryuumuchuu – Video of Faye’s Recent Performance of ‘Jiang Ai’

ryuumuchuu, on December 3 said:

Recently I had the inspiration to make a video of Faye’s recent live performance of jiang ai. I cut together a couple different videos from the same night to create a neat DVD-like video. Check it out.

Here is the one with the intro:

and without the intro:


2 Responses

  1. a new faye wong song or a new cover? I’ve never heard it before!

  2. Hi, mercadeo. “Jiang Ai” is the title song from Faye’s last major album, released in Nov. 2003. She wrote both the music and the lyrics for this and two others songs as well as the music for two additional songs. Interestingly, one of the songs in the album, “MV,” was composed by Nic Tse (with lyrics by Lin Xi). With its driving beat, “Jiang Ai” is one of my all-time favorites. It captures Faye’s strength and power, which are often belied by her gentle ballads. Faye fans know that she is far more than just an entertainer. She is extremely creative and expressive, especially in her own compositions, and she’s not afraid to experiment with music and themes that are radical departures from styles that have won her fame and success. Her edgy works distinguish her from all the rest of the entertainers and songwriters not only in China but the rest of the world. They are as fresh today as they were when first released. This is one of the reasons why we, Fayenatics, never grow tired of her and are willing to wait forever for her next album.

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