Cejan – Faye’s Cover of Alan Tam’s ‘I Like Chopin’

Hi feifan,

I recently went over a cover song by Faye, title is I Love Freckle, in a 1999 compilation album in tribute of Alan Tam. Alan Tam covered the song in 1984, original title is I Like Chopin, by Italian musician Gazebo.

Here are the 2 video links.

Comment: Thanks, Cejan, for these rare audio-videos. Sorry for the late posting. I was slow in checking my email. I’m assuming the album you’re referring to is Alan Tam 15th Anniversary Tribute Collection. Faye’s cover is also featured in The True Story of Faye Wong (王菲正傳), a 3CD + DVD set released in June 2009 featuring 48 of her classic songs, including out-of-print works. We also published an article about this song in June 2008. -Feifan


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  1. i really like this song, my 24 year old daughter die on may 24,2008 very unexpected. she had not been sick ever in her life so it has been a great tragedy for our family and this song really gives me comfort in knowing she did go to heaven on angel wings because i know she was a very good christian woman. thank you very much for that song alan.

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