Faye in Friends’ Blogs – Mid-December 2011

From Ryan’s Blog Dec. 15

From Ryan’s Blog Dec. 12


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  1. Ah Faye. I always wonder what her personality is like on a one to one basis. Like the setting in the pictures. She seems so personable, and approachable.

  2. John, all her friends and close associates say that the Faye we see in public is the same Faye that they know in private. She doesn’t put on airs and detests phoniness. When responding to criticisms of appearing to be cold and aloof in public, she has consistently said that she won’t smile or make small talk just for appearances. She smiles only when she genuinely feels like smiling and talks only when she has something to say. She remains loyal and close to her friends and colleagues from the past, and she continues to make time for friends from her school days. If we could befriend her, I think she’d be our loyal friend for life.

    This quality makes her so very different from other stars who make it a point to smile emptily for all cameras and befriend only those who can advance their careers. Fayenatics love this basic honesty and goodness in Faye. I recall an early appearance on a TV variety show in which one of the celebrities was hit by bird doo. While the other celebrities and audience laughed, Faye took out a handkerchief and tried to clean the doo from his head. This sort of kindness and caring is rare, and it makes Faye very special.

  3. Oh nice – she is so wonderful. Thank you for that little history of her. I feel like such a snoop asking about her inside life. I’m under her spell and I’m happy to be there. I think if I could have one Faye look – out of all the looks that she has, it would be her, as the android in 2046. I never knew about her at all until I decided on a whim to rent that film. And then I pursued looking into her music, then her other films (my wife says I’m a Fayenatic. I am.

  4. Hi feifan, Faye was at the New Year’s Eve live show of Hunan Satellite TV yesterday, and she performed a new song “Wish”.
    Below are the video and picture link:


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