Faye Hot in Kuala Lumpur!

Faye singing “Bored” at her concert in Kuala Lumpur on 6 Nov. 2011. This video is capable of HD at 1080P. Click on the enlarge icon at the lower right corner. Video uploaded to YouTube by myperfectsun on 8 Nov. 2011.

Faye singing “A Perfect Indian.”



6 Responses

  1. Grave accident hier soir au concert de Faye a chongging effondrement de la scene avant qu elle commence a chanter plusieurs blesses et evacuation de la salle concert annule et reporter au 20 02 2012 , faye a presenter ces excuses sur son blog .Shouait de tres bon retablissement aux victimes et que les concerts aillent lieu dans une securitee maximale pout tous

  2. Most of the injuries were minor, “fortunately”.

    She sang 城裡的月光! Hope someone will post it online!

  3. I wonder if anyone can work on this clip – turn it into mp3 and maybe make her voice louder and the music softer… Much appreciated! Thank you!

  4. Angel in Chongqing

  5. quel désastre ces accidents. J’espère que ça va aller pour les victimes et que la sécurité sera meilleure pour la suite!

  6. Yes, these accidents must not occur, ever again. Needless to say, Faye and her team had nothing to do with the accident. They were just as much the victims as the fans. The responsibility for everyone’s safety rests with the inspectors and the codes they apply for stadium and arena stage and set construction. Someone was derelict, and hopefully steps will be taken to discipline and educate that person to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Thank goodness the crowd didn’t panic and remained orderly, and hopefully the injuries suffered by some weren’t too serious.

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