Chelsea – ‘Moonlight in the City’ at the Chongqing Concert on 18 Feb. 2012

Chelsea, on February 18, 2012, said:

Most of the injuries were minor, “fortunately”. [Reference to the collapse of part of the stage the night before, prior to Faye’s performance. See Yvan’s comment.]

She sang 城裡的月光! Hope someone will post it online!

Update on 2.18.12: Chelsea, the video below was uploaded to YouTube by ackc0823 on Feb 18, 2012. -Feifan

Chelsea, on February 18, 2012, said: Angel in Chongqing


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  1. WOW! Faye sang 流星! I’m ecstatic!!!!

  2. Bonjour a tous ,taper sur votre ordi Faye wong live a chongging reborn. vous tomberer sur le site de lumiere militaire ila des superbes photos du concert et des videos.En generale il a pleins de choses fabuleuses sur Faye c est un des meilleur sinon le meilleur site qui luis est consacree .GENIAL etMAGNIFIQUE merci a lui.

  3. Faye spoke before this concert about the collapse.

  4. Live performance of Date

    Below is video link of Faye’s live performance of “Date” in a music awards show back in 1997. I think her live vocals was simply perfect.

  5. she also sang Meteor!!! One of my favorite songs! Di-Dar is my 2nd Favorite album!

  6. Hi feifan,

    I believe the following Faye’s song Maitreya Buddha Mantra has not been featured yet. This buddhist song is recorded in the CD album “Loving Kindness & Wisdom” for the Maitreya Project. All the net profit from sales will be donated as fund of the construction project of the huge Maitreya Buddha Statue in India.


    A cleaned-up version of 城裡的月光. Merged and EQ-ed two versions (one shorter that is HQ) to create this. There is still an over-excited guy shouting at the start. But oh well, let’s hope they include this song in the eventual concert CD. The violin refrain at the end is lovely. :)


    A few pictures of Faye on a pilgrimage to India.

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