Cejan – Faye at Smile Angel Children’s Hospital Charity Dinner 27 May 2012

cejan, on May 29, 2012, said: Hi feifan, Faye sang and spoke on the 2012 annual Smileangel fundraising event in the video below.

Uploaded to Youtube by fnbottle on May 28, 2012.
The following transcript was attached to the video.

所以他們做了很多我認為 對我來說根本想像不到的事情

對然後還有就是 也感謝所有幫助參與過這件事情的所有的朋友
我覺得 不管是出一分錢 一分力 還是一份讚許的心念


3 Responses

  1. Wow! This has to be the longest speech Faye has ever given. She usually says nothing or maybe a word or two. Sometimes even a sentence. But this time . . .

  2. Magnifique , merveilleuse , trop BELLE. Vraiment une tres belle personne,en plus se look un peu garcon luis va tres tres bien. xie xie Faye que cette journee soit benie pour vos amis votre famille et pour vous.

  3. Yvan, yes! Faye, Yapeng, and now Tong Tong, and friends such as Carina, Na Ying, and Zing, are playing an instrumental role in establishing what will hopefully be a network of children’s hospitals throughout China that will respond to the needs of children. When the occasion demands, Faye will speak out, and when the issue is children, she will speak volumes with not only her words but her actions. Faye, besides being talented and beautiful, is also a very, very good person.

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