Yan and Jingtong: Dancing and Clubbing

Jonathan Fam, in “Scene & Heard: Mother Superior” (6.12.12), reports that “Faye Wong and her hubby, Li Yapeng, were recently photographed near their home in Beijing. They’d just returned from a dance competition where their younger daughter, six-year-old Li Yan, won the gold medal. The proud parents were reportedly so overwhelmed they shed tears of joy (yes, the ice queen shows emotion in public) during the prize presentation.”

Yan with mom, Faye, and dad, Yapeng.

Fam also reports the rumor “that Faye sent her firstborn, Dou Jingtong (whose father is rocker Dou Wei), to study in Shanghai, ’cos the 15-year-old couldn’t get along with her step-dad. They often clashed over her curfew and dressing, according to sources. But Faye recently moved Jingtong back to Beijing after she discovered that the teen has been dating and clubbing. And you thought the pop diva was gonna be one of those cool mums.”



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  1. FYI, Tong Tong took to her microblog to say that the media is full of it!

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