Photos from Friends’ Blogs Thru Sep 2012

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These photos are from Faye’s friends’ (Katy, Zing, Titi, Ryan) microblogs from March thru September 2012.


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  1. He Feifan. You are a long time faye fan and I have been waiting/searching for the smile angel concert download for a year and I couldnt find it… I dont know anyone anymore who might help me find it, perhaps you can help me out.
    Faye did a smile angel concert where she performed schuberts serenade and heart sutra.. untill now there is the horrible cut in the beautiful schuberts serenade… I would really like to have this performance (or DVD) in full… could you try to look for it or request it from someone who has it? Or know a place to get it, I would pay that person a little money if he or she requires it.


    [s: i dont know how to send you messages in private, perhaps you can give me your mail?

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