y.A.S.d. – Faye’s 12/1/11 Performance of Schubert’s ‘Serenade’

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y.A.S.d., on November 25, 2012, said:

Hey Feifan. You are a long time faye fan and I have been waiting/searching for the smile angel concert download for a year and I couldnt find it… I dont know anyone anymore who might help me find it, perhaps you can help me out.

Faye did a smile angel concert where she performed schuberts serenade and heart sutra. until now there is the horrible cut in the beautiful schuberts serenade. I would really like to have this performance (or DVD) in full. Could you try to look for it or request it from someone who has it? Or know a place to get it? I would pay that person a little money if he or she requires it.


P.S. i dont know how to send you messages in private, perhaps you can give me your mail?

Hi y.A.S.d. The 1 Dec 2011 SmileAngel charity concert in Shanghai featured Faye in an amazing performance with Germany’s Philharmonie der Nationen. Chelsea posted a message and video, Chelsea – Faye Sings Schubert’s ‘Serenade,’ the next day on 12.2.11. I’m assuming you’re looking for a better quality recording. Hopefully this post will produce one. In the meantime, I’ll do a search, too. My email is feifan@wild4music.com, but I don’t check it as often as I should so this is the quickest way to reach me — a comment in Faye Wong Today.


5 Responses

  1. thank you, I sent you an email

  2. Hi feifan, Faye recently attended an event held by her friend Li Dongtian.

  3. Hey feifan, just checking in. Some buzz about a new Faye Song for Vicki’s directorial debut movie. Anyway, shame if you are not posting anymore, as I find this blog SO valuable for its archive of old videos and such. Hope you are well.

  4. Hey, Joyce. Thanks for the tip! I’ve been following the buzz and waiting for the video or mp3 for “So Young.” I’m fine but have been very busy with work and other projects. To keep me sane while working on the computer, I always listen to my Fayevorites via iPhone and earphones. I can never get over how fresh Faye’s songs are — regardless of how often I listen to them. There’s a timeless quality to each; a perfection, a harmony of all the elements that go into each performance; a sense that everything is done just right — not too much, not too little — and nothing more can be done to improve it. So I just listen in comfortable awe, without wanting any more. I’ll try to find more time over the weekends to keep up with Faye. Thanks for your encouragement and continued support.

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