I’m devoting an entire page to my favorite Faye photos. I’ll probably end up changing the order and selections over time as I discover others. Also, I’ll replace the ones that are posted when I find copies with a better resolution. If you have better copies, please share them with me via the comment section. Thanks.


























12 Responses

  1. I have one for your collection – /D-Photos/Faye Wong 2046.JPG

  2. She is loved beyond all borders and distinctions. I thought I was the only Nan Fei bai gui fan, but I recently met quite a few. This woman can touch people everywhere! and still so beautiful! Surely the Gods took their time to create her.

  3. Yep, lots of Faye male and female fans from all over the world. Her beauty and music have an appeal that crosses “all borders and distinctions.” I agree wholeheartedly: “Surely the Gods took their time to create her.”

  4. John, I missed this message completely. My apologies. I’ll check out the photo ASAP. Thanks!

    “I have one for your collection – /D-Photos/Faye Wong 2046.JPG”

  5. wow, good photos!
    She very beautiful Lady and good singer^^

  6. Thank you for maintaining such a website. It makes me, another fayenatics, very happy.

  7. Hi, Blyss. You’re welcome. Faye brings so much beauty and happiness into this world. I’m looking forward to the coming months and her planned appearances, album, and concerts in 2010!

  8. Picture 16 is lovely, can someone please tell me where it’s from ?

  9. Hi, sio. I got it a few years ago from a post on the All About Ah Faye Forum, the most comprehensive English forum on Faye Wong. It was uploaded by one of the regulars, one of the moderators, I think. It’s one of my all-time favorite Faye photos.

  10. I don’t know you till listen your song at shop in Pattaya ,Thai .
    I’m decide buy your album sales man said hv only one set.
    very happy when open song in my car good sound so,
    search in web see your history.
    I’m like you and hope to see you

  11. I like your pics and song

  12. Fellow Fayenatics, Faye recently posted on her Sina twitter a picture of herself without make up, au naturale.

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