Videos – Faye & LYP in Lhasa Nov 28

In the the first video, we see Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) visiting with the family of a toddler who has benefited from the SmileAngel fund. In the second, we see them at a hospital visiting with the SmileAngel medical team, hospital staff, young patients and their families. In both of these, we see the kindness and generosity of Faye and LYP. It’s very touching to see the genuine love and care that they have for the children and their parents. I think a very big part of why Faye and her husband are so immensely popular in China (and the rest of the world) is because of their humanity. This is just another extraordinary aspect of Faye that makes her so different from other celebrities and so worthy of respect and adulation.

(Source: Sohu)

(Source: Sohu)

(Source: BB.News.QQ)

In the third video, we see Faye and LYP at the airport, being pursued by the media. In this video, Faye actually speaks with the reporters.

More Photos of Faye at HK Airport

More photos of Faye Wong (王菲) at Hong Kong Airport, in Sep 2008.

(Source 19 Sep 2008)

Abortion Rumors Continue

Recent (September) photo of Faye Wong (王菲) at an airport in Hong Kong. Rumors continue of Faye aborting her fetus. According to, Faye, on Sep 9, with the help of close friend Brigitte Lin (林青霞 Lin Ching-hsia) and Carina Lau (刘嘉玲 Liu Jialing), visited a well-known Hong Kong gynecologist, Liang Shude (梁淑德), about complications with her pregnancy. And, on the 13th, followed up with an abortion.

(Source, 20 Sep 2008; updated 9.23.08, Southern Weekly 9.24.08)

More on Li Yapeng’s July 23 Incident

After the incident at Bangkok International Airport on 23 July 2008, Li Ya Peng (李亚鹏) was  accompanied by Katie Chen (陈家瑛, Chen Jiaying) to the airport security office where the police took a statement. The male reporter who had been assaulted was also present. During the process, both parties argued. According to reports, Li Yapeng said, “That day, I talked to you patiently after you photographed my family at the hotel. But why did I hit you today? Because my daughter had been frightened by you. Your camera was right in her face. You scared her.” The male reporter countered, “You could have told me that you were unhappy with me, but you were wrong to assault me.”

The reporter also asked that Li Yapeng apologize in public and pay for the video camera that he had damaged when he attacked the female reporter. LYP replied, “That’s pretty funny. You harass me and ask me to apologize? It’s you who should say sorry.” The police announced that the incident and statements have been recorded for future reference. LYP asked for a copy of the video taken by the CCTV camera crew.

In an interview after the police interrogation, Li Yapeng said, politely, “Please wait for a moment. Let my mother and children leave before I say anything.” After they left, he explained that he behaved the way he did to protect his daughter. He asked the journalists, “Did you see how that reporter used his camera to take photographs of Li Yan [李嫣]? Did you see? His camera was in my daughter’s face!” Sighing, he continued, “It’s okay to photograph me, but not my daughter. I wouldn’t hit him only today if he did that again. I would hit him every time he does it. I will do anything to protect my daughters!”

Later, on the 24th, journalists approached Faye Wong (王菲), who was beside LYP. When a reporter shoved a mike into her face, Faye pushed it away with her hand. She said, in Cantonese, “I didn’t say I would accept your interview.” Faye was apparently angry about the incident the day before. The photo below was taken at a Bangkok hotel where the family was staying, some time after the incident.

(source: Asian Entertainment Universe, 24 July 2008)

Added 7.25.08: Faye Wong asked a friend at a local mediation center to intercede re the damaged camera and agreed to a 2300 Hong Kong dollar settlement (CNETNews, 7.25.08).

Another Photo of Li Yan

Here’s another photo  of Li Yan (李嫣) from Asian Entertainment Universe (23 July 2008). Her parents, Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), and sister Tong Tong (竇靖童 Dou Jingtong), as well as others in the entourage, including Katie Chen (陈家瑛, Chen Jiaying), entered the airport in Bangkok in separate groups to distract the media’s attention away from Li Yan. The strategy worked, allowing Yan to avoid detection for the most part. The exceptions are a few shots such as this. Yan’s is the eyes of innocence, and just seeing her vulnerability goes a long way toward explaining and empathizing with Li Yapeng’s violent actions. As a father, his natural instinct was to shield and protect her from the kind of media attention that could be traumatic.

(Original source: Mingpao Oriental Daily)

Conflict Resolved – Faye & Family Back in Beijing

Based on various reports, the conflict between Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) and the Hong Kong reporters involved in the incident at Bangkok International Airport on the 23rd has been resolved. Faye Wong (王菲), Li Yapeng, and the rest of the family returned to Beijing in the afternoon of the 24th. In Bangkok, as the videos show, LYP was interviewed by airport security. The reporters, too, were interviewed. One report claims that the journalists apologized. Another that both sides apologized. And still another that no one apologized but both sides acknowledged wrongdoing. In one report, LYP says that he didn’t apologize, but that “If he encounters a similar problem in the future, he would choose a more suitable way to resolve it.” In any event, the criminal case appears to be closed.

(Both videos added to YouTube by Fayeconnie on 24 July 2008.)

Li Yapeng Kicks Female Paparazzi

Bangkok International Airport. Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), Faye Wong’s (王菲) husband, apparently kicking a female reporter. He’s upset that the paparazzi are photographing Li Yan (李嫣), his daughter. See the earlier posts for more.

(source Netease 23 July 2008)

Photo of LYP’s Attack

Bangkok International Airport. Here’s a photo of Li Yapeng’s (李亚鹏) attack on a paparazzi today, 23 July 2008. Apparently, Faye Wong (王菲) and the others were at a different location in the airport and didn’t witness the incident. Ma Jia (马葭), LYP’s manager, said she didn’t see what happened but believes that if LYP did react so strongly, he must have felt that his family was being violated beyond what would be considered tolerable. Ma Jia said that for LYP, family is the bottom line, the most important, and he would do what’s necessary to protect them. From the video posted earlier, it’s clear to me that LYP is trying to protect Li Yan (李嫣) from media exposure. Reports indicate that the photographer filed or is planning to file a complaint with the authorities re the attack. In the following hours, we should get a better idea of what’s happening and what might happen.

(source Netease 23 July 2008)

Added 23 July 2008:

(source Netease 23 July 2008)

Added 7.23.08:

Faye on Her Way Back to Beijing

Faye Wong (王菲) caused quite a stir this past week when she showed up at the Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport to check in for her return flight to Beijing. Media and fans who were lucky enough to be there immediately got their cameras out and started shooting. The reporters mentioned her stylish silk dress, Mercedes-Benz, brandname luggage and bags, shades, etc.

Faye Wong Hasn’t Said ‘No’

The question on everyone’s mind is, “Will Faye Wong (王菲) return to her career?” And this would be quickly followed by, “If yes, when?” The problem, though, is that she hasn’t said yes so the second is moot. But the first is still up in the air. When Faye arrived at Hong Kong airport on May 21 to participate in the Buddhist ceremony for the Sichuan earthquake victims, reporters swarmed around her. She was apparently in a friendly and receptive mood, smiling and responding to reporters’ endless queries. When asked the inevitable question, she didn’t say anything but responded with a smile and a light laugh. Speculation regarding the significance of this response is running rampant. The bottom line is that Faye has not said “No.” And what does that mean? I don’t know about you, but I’m an optimist.

More Videos of Faye Wong in HK – May 21

In the first video, [7.12.08: This video is no longer available on YouTube.] Faye arrives at Hong Kong airport. In the second, [7.12.08: This video is no longer available on YouTube.] she arrives at Hong Kong Coliseum for the Buddhist service. ADDED: Up until the third video below, we knew that Faye was mobbed by the press at the airport and at the entrance to the Coliseum. However, we didn’t realize how bad it was within the Coliseum until Stila 321’s video upload. Faye was literally surrounded by a horde of reporters with cameras and lights from the moment she entered. Her every move was closely followed and recorded. Even when she sat quietly in the audience, reporters were crowded around her with their cameras. In fact, from certain angles, we can’t even see Faye. All we see are the backs of the journalists swarming over her. Despite the serious and religious nature of Faye’s presence at the service, the thirst for information, photos, videos, and quotes from Faye is not only unquenchable but growing in leaps and bounds by the hour. It seems the more the Chinese people see of Faye, the thirstier they become for more and more. All of this media attention is an absolute boon to the fundraising efforts for the Sichuan earthquake victims, and I’m sure Faye understands this and is, thus, willing to suffer the constant onslaught. The bottom line is that no one — absolutely no one — is bigger than Faye Wong (王菲) in China. And as Maggie Q says, second place isn’t even close.

[7.12.08: This video is no longer available on YouTube.]

[7.12.08: This video is no longer available on YouTube.]

ADDED: The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Stila321 earlier today. It captures Faye in the Coliseum:

[7.12.08: This video is no longer available on YouTube.]