Faye’s Press Conference 19 July 2010

In a press conference in Beijing, 19 July 2010, Faye Wong (王菲) celebrates the advance ticket sales for her comeback concerts, which reached 18,880,000 yuan. Faye will take the stage on October 29, 30, and 31, and November 5 and 6 at the Beijing’s Wukesong Stadium.  The Chinese words in the fourth photo below read: “Faye Wong 2010 tour.” (Sources for info and photos below: Reuters, China Daily, Agencies, Zhengzhou, Netease 7.20.10)

Update 7.19.20: Faye’s red and black outfit is apparently, on the one hand, a tribute to the passing of Dai Sicong, Faye’s teacher, and, on the the other, a symbol for the beginning of a new phase in her career. Reporters thought, at first, that Faye was barefoot. They later realized that she was wearing flat, nearly transparent shoes.

Update 7.19.20: According to Mr. Yang, the ticket agent, the remaining tickets are now middle-priced (Source: Beijing News, Sina.com, 7.20.10).

Update 7.19.20: As usual, Faye didn’t have much to say at the press conference. Her greetings to the media and fans was a simple, “It’s been a long time.” When asked about ticket sales and if she had any tips on how to get them, she replied, “No ticket tips.” When asked to comment on the 18.8 million dollars in ticket sales, she replied, “Is that data correct?” When asked if there’s a relationship between the style of the posters and the modeling that she’s doing for Celine and Elle, she replied, in a small voice, “No.” And that was all she had to say. (Source: Information Times, Netease 7.20.10)

Faye’s reticence and totally honest replies are legendary, and this is no exception. She doesn’t talk for the sake of filling up the silence. If she has nothing to say, she remains quiet. And this is why we love her so much. She doesn’t fake it, nor does she play up to the media to win their favor. She’s always true to herself and says what she thinks and feels.

New rumors are beginning to spread in the media, as they always do with a blitz like this one. The latest is that Katie, Faye’s manager, has confirmed that Faye will tour the Mainland next year, 2011, and will, at the start of the tour, release a new album for the comeback series. (Source: China Entertainment Network News, 7.19.10)


Katie Confirms Faye’s 2010 Concerts

Katie Chen  (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying) confirmed yesterday that preparations for Faye Wong’s (王菲) 2010 concerts are progressing. She said that the Shanghai concert is scheduled for November at the Pudong Expo Performing Arts Center, and the plan is for five performances. The Beijing concert will be held at the Wukesong Indoor Stadium. Katie said the concert details will be worked out after the Spring Festival. Re the reputed high cost of tickets, she said that ticket sales haven’t begun and that the price “has nothing to do with us. The price is set by the organizers.” (Source NetEase 2.9.10 and 022net 2.10.10)

Will Faye Attend Chen Kun’s Feb 4 Concert?

On 4 Feb 2010, Chen Kun (陈坤 aka Aloys) will hold his first ever concert in Beijing’s Chaoyang Gymnasium. Since Faye Wong (王菲) is a good friend, there’s a possibility that she and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) may attend. However, considering the logistical nightmares that her appearance might generate, she may decide to stay away. Hopefully, they’ll be able to find a secure way to get her in and out of the arena. The first photo below is from 10 Feb 2009; the middle three from 21 May 2008; the last from 23 Dec 2009.

Faye and Yan at Wedding

Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yan (李嫣) at the wedding of Wang Xue Bing (王学兵) and Sun Ning (孙宁) on 16 Oct. 2009. The event was held at Beijing’s East Third Ring Road. Yan caught the bouquet thrown by the bride.


Faye Shopping in HK – 3 Aug 2009 Photos

On 3 Aug 2009, Faye Wong (王菲) was in Hong Kong, presumably to shop for clothing to celebrate her 40th birthday, on Aug 8. Reports indicate that she’ll be getting together with her good friends, including Carina Lau (刘嘉玲) and Vicki Zhao  (赵薇), on the 8th, in Beijing, to celebrate. (Sources ent.QQ and Tencent entertainment 8.4.09)
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Faye Wong – June 2009 Photos

The long drought of life without Faye Wong (王菲) photos is finally over! Recently, in Beijing, Faye and her entourage drove to a nearby shopping area and entered the Chaoyang Apple Store. Apparently, Faye and other stars visited here often because the clerks didn’t seem surprised and went about their business. Perhaps because of the economic crisis or the hot weather, the shop was quite empty. Faye was there for about a half hour, looking at mobile phones and audio players. She browsed very carefully, sometimes asking the staff questions. Finally, Faye bought an iPod MP4 player and a BOSE audio player. (Source Sohu Entertainment and YNET.com 6 July 2009)


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Faye Wong at the Blue Harbor in Mid-April

This is a faxed photo of Faye Wong (王菲) and a friend at the Blue Harbor restaurant in Beijing, enjoying a cup of coffee. This is the first new photo of Faye we’ve seen for quite a while. According to the source, it was taken within the last few days.

apr13-15_2009_beijing(Source bbs.67.com)

More photos added 16 April 2009:

april2009_02april2009_03april2009_04(Source CFP [ChinaFotoPress]; Dayoo)

More photos added 16 April 2009:

april16_2009fapril16_2009g(Source CFP)