Rare Video: ‘Bride with White Hair 2’ – Theme Sung by Faye

Faye Wong (王菲) sings “Forgetting You Is Like Forgetting Me,” theme song for The Bride with WhiteHair 2 (白髮魔女2). The song was released in Faye Best (1994) in February 1994. Brigitte Lin (林青霞) and Leslie Cheung (张国荣) starred in this 1993 film. In 1994, Faye and Bridgette would play starring roles in Wong Kar-wai’s (王家衛) classic Chungking Express (重庆森林). In 2000, Faye would star with Leslie in Okinawa Rendezvous (戀戰沖繩). The video was added to YouTube by ce004004 on 8 Jan 2010.


y.A.S.d.’s Best of Faye Wong

y.A.S.d., on April 16th, 2009 said:

My List of All-Time Fayvorites
1. Song: Kai Dao Tu Mi (The Last Blossom), because this is the song that has drawn me in for many many years and I still love it. I like to see Faye perform this everytime! The distorted filters and guitar+violins, very nice!

2. Album: Yu Yan (Fable), because of the first 5 compositions that Faye composed. These songs are telling a story and really fit eachother with a very alternative feeling to it. Furthermore Goodbye firefly is one of my favourite songs as well!
The Cambrian Era

New Tenant



Flower of Paradise

fable_album13. Concert: Scenic Tour (maybe Taipei), very very good setlists and renditions of the songs, the music is filled with a more rock arrangement and you can hear that it is very live. The costumes are beautiful too and the stage design, especially the Taipei looks very great, with a perfect tracklist. Faye’s voice was also very emotional in this time. Love it! [See Raymond Chua’s list item #7.]
4. Film (Movie): Chungking Express because Faye has such a big and great role which she acted natural in! [See Raint’s list]
5. MV: Goodbye firefly, it is very mysterious, Faye looks pretty in it and has a lot of after effects in it.

6. Photo: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/416XQFAQNNL._SL500_AA240_.jpg because she looks so alternative.

7. Dress (or outfit): The one she wore in Taipei scenic tour during Kai Dao Tu Mi. With the bra showing!

8. TV Performance: 千岁情人, because she is leading role and beautiful. And also because of the theme song which is sang by Faye. [Eternity – see Dan’s list]
9. TV Interview: The Dodo interview, she was beautiful there and gave very interesting and intelligent answers. (See Raymond Chua’s list]
10. Faye Quote: ‘So if someone is beautiful you should start dating?’ Because I also think dating someone because of the looks is ridiculous.

And YAY, celebrating the first anniversary! congrats…

y.A.S.d. (Kei Long)

Dan’s Best of Faye Wong

Dan, on April 10th, 2009 said:

1. Song: Kai Dao Tu Mi (开到荼靡) [Last Blossom], first track of 1999 Only Love Stranger album, like the music arrangement, the distorted feel.

2. Album: 1998 Chang You (唱游), faye uses different voice to sing each song, I don’t think any asia female artiste can do that.

fw4093. Concert: 1998 hong kong scenic tour concert, like everything, faye’s voice, the song list, the music arrangement of each song, the stage, the stage light, the clothes she wore, the makeup. [Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar for links to HK 1998 concert videos.]

4. Film: (Movie) 1994 Chungking Express, she act herself in the movie, acting is natural, not overdone. [See Raint’s list for CKE video.]

5. MV: TVB version of Seasonal Wind (季候风), this MV is different from a typical faye’s MV, this is a rare one where there is someone who act as faye’s boyfriend in the MV.

6. Photo: The photo on 1998 Chang You album cover.

7. Dress (or outfit): The all black outfit faye wore at Hong Kong J.S.G Best 10 Awards Presentation 1994.

8. TV Performance: 1993 Eternity, Qian Sui Qing Ren, faye so beautiful in all white outfit in the drama serial. [See Raint’s list for Eternity video.]

9. TV Interview: Like every interview of faye with Taiwan host Taozi. Interesting and funny.

10. Faye Quote: More Music, Less Gossip(多点音乐,少点是非), She said it at Hong Kong J.S.G Best 10 Awards Presentation 1998.

Raint’s Best of Faye Wong

raint on April 9th, 2009 said:

hey, congrats on turning 1! i like this webbie alot cos its really comprehensive and fun~

anyway, these are my response, if i can only write one for each …

screenhunter_02-apr-10-07191. Song: 哪兒 [Where, from Restless], i’m forever amazed by her extraordinary capability to control her voice (volume, beat and so on) according to a song’s feel. other than technicalities, this language-less song has helped comfort me through stressful and distressful times for over a decade. the magical effect of this song on me is so far unparallelled.

2. Album: 浮躁 [Restless]. very soulful, very real. simple feelings expressed with much needed clarity. maybe it is the way she found to expressed those feelings that makes it so clear. also, i can always feel the screenhunter_03-apr-10-0721fizz of a summer in all the songs in that album.

3. Concert: Scenic tour 1998. I have a feeling i would like the Budokan’s concert of the 1998 series the most, because I felt her voice was exceptionally pristine, and she performing exceptionally well. but i’ve onli seen 4 songs clips from tt Bodukan concert, so I cant really say. overall, her 1998 concerts are my favourite! [Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar for links to HK 1998 concert videos.]

4. Film (Movie): Chungking express. i always like wong kar wai’s movies and with faye in his movie is simply more than i could ever ask for. innocent and angelic faye wong is cute and adorable and pure. like character like life.

5. MV: 無常 [Sporadic from Restless]. so carefree!

6. Photo: 自便’s [Help Yourself] album cover picture. she has put so much of herself to her loved one, and she has hurt. so the picture taken (or rather published) at that time makes me feel so much for her.


7. Dress (or outfit): this is one qn that I cant really say for sure. because, all her clothes feel like her skin and I seldom admire her clothes without being distracted by her performance or her actions.

8. TV Performance: 千岁情人 [Eternity]! whou… the beginning of my love affair with her. Or did i start liking her before? haha.. i cant really rem.

9. TV Interview: telling jokes to Little S and Hei Ren on TV. how she laughs so hard is darn cute.

10. Faye Quote: i’m sorry I dun have a favourite faye wong quote~

Perth Tour Music Special 1993 – Faye & Tony

The Perth Tour Music Special 1993 stars Faye Wong (王菲) and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (梁朝偉). It was uploaded in 6 parts to YouTube by Singsingcookie4 on 21 Feb 2009. This version has the best resolution that I’ve seen. In this special, we see Tony and Faye before they starred together in the Wong Kar-wai (王家衛) classic Chungking Express. This is a romantic comedy that features a few of Faye’s songs. Makes you wish that Faye would do a romantic musical comedy in which she sings some of her songs.


Deb, on 24 Feb 2009 said:

I am so HAPPY that this has been posted because I’m from Perth!! I’ve been here since ‘89, so I’m pretty much from here. I recognise everywhere they show, some of the places don’t even exist anymore. I didn’t really know Faye back in 1993, my first hearing of our 100,000 Whys album was in 1994. But I do remember watching this on VHS back in the day. This was when Faye’s career was taking off and Tony was trying to start a singing career (god knows why?!?!).

This really shows why Faye and Tony have done so much acting together. Tony is an acting veteran and its obvious Faye is very comfortable with Tony and he must have taken good care of her and taught her his craft.

Word of advice – never feed the black swans! They are vicious when it comes to food!! We do have great coffee, we take it very seriously, mainly due to a large italian population, there is NO Starbucks here!

Faye living in a caravan?!?! ahahaha, that’s too funny! Meat pie for brekky? She’s definitely an Aussie!

This makes me feel very close to Faye – she was in my town! If only I met her! Wonder if she liked Perth, it was pretty undeveloped back then, so it wouldn’t have been very exciting at the time. I coulda been a very good tour guide for them even tho I was only 14!

See ya later, mate!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

CKE Tops NY Times ‘Holiday DVDs’ List

Chungking Express, starring Faye Wong (王菲), Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (梁朝偉),
Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武), and Brigitte Lin (林青霞 Lin Qingxia), tops the New York Times “Holiday DVDs” list, published 31 Oct 2008. The article, written by Charles Taylor and Stephanie Zacharek, features a full-blown photo of Faye in one of the scenes (see below) from the classic Wong Kar-wai [王家卫] film.

Excerpts from the article: “Chungking Express didn’t kick off a new era of filmmaking as Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless did with the French Nouvelle Vague in 1960. But this Wong Kar-wai romantic bauble from 1994 is as joyously playful — stylish, discursive, flippantly romantic — as any movie since Breathless.”

“The pop star Faye Wong . . . with her big eyes and shag haircut has the aura of a hip pixie . . . [and] contributes a Cantonese version of the Cranberries’ hit ‘Dreams.’”

“As with Godard at his most whimsical, Chungking Express invests pop artifacts with the power of talismans. The constant repetition of the Mamas and the Papas’ ‘California Dreamin’’ can persuade you — if you weren’t already — that it holds the secrets of the universe. Chungking Express is one of those rare classics that isn’t just admired but cherished.”

Rare Early Videos – No Regrets 1994

In this rare early MV, Faye Wong (王菲) sings “No Regrets (Marching Band Mix)” from one of my favorite albums, Mystery, which was released in April 1994. The video is from a YouTube upload by TVMoon on 22 April 2008. The quality of this video is outstanding! We see Faye as a 24-year-old, at the time when Chungking Express was filmed and released. Stunning close-ups of her beautiful face and mesmerizing eyes make this one of the most unforgettable videos.