Faye Is ‘Busy’ Writing Songs for Her New Album

About a week ago, a rumor spread through the media that Faye Wong’s (王菲)
good friend, Li Jian (李健), who wrote “Legend,” has said that Faye has been busy working on her new album. He said that he would be very happy to write a few songs for her.

Dan 15 March 2010: This photo was taken when Faye sang Liu Nian at an award ceremony in China in 2002.

Yan Kiat 15 March 2010: Here’s the video of Faye’s live performance of “Liu Nian.”

I resisted publishing the rumor at the time, opting instead to wait for corroboration from a valid source. In the last few days, the rumor making the rounds in the media is that Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), Faye’s husband, has confirmed to reporters that Faye is busy writing songs for her new album.

Twelve has been mentioned in terms of the number of songs she’s written thus far. According to the reports, Faye often stops what she’s doing at home to jot down notes for her songs, and she seems to be happy in this creative mode. When asked about the compositions, LYP said that he hasn’t heard or seen the actual songs. He said that even between husband and wife, some privacy is important.

Faye to Sing ‘Legend’ at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala

Speculation among the media is that Faye Wong (王菲) will sing her good friend Li Jian’s (李健) song, “Legend” (传奇), at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala, which will be aired live on Chinese New Year’s Eve (Feb 13) on CCTV (China Central Television). The videos that I found of Li Jian performing “Legend” are of poor quality, and all had a 40-second segment where the audio was corrupted. The version below was edited to remove the talking intro and conclusion as well as the bad 40-second segment. Click here for an article, including photo and video, on Faye at Li Jian’s 29 Apr 2008 concert. Added 1.29.10: MP3 from Aiting.

Faye Wong and Tong Tong on April 29

On 29 Apr 2008, Faye Wong (王菲) and her oldest daughter, Tong Tong (Dou Jingtong 竇靖童), were on their way to watch Li Jian (李健) perform but turned away when paparazzi descended on them. (1 May 2008, Rednet.cn)

5.3.08 – photo below added.

Faye Wong at Li Jian’s Promo & Performace

Li Jian (李健) appreciated Faye Wong’s (王菲) appearance and support for his 29 Apr 2008 promotion and performance. In this video, listen for the audience chanting “Wang Fei! Wang Fei Wang Fei!” toward the end. Faye’s appeal is stronger than ever,

and it goes without saying that her appearance at any event will guarantee widespread national media coverage. There’s no hiding the fact that, throughout this news video, the media’s primary interest is Faye. The camera continuously focuses on her — instead of the stage — even though she appears only as a silhouette in the darkened audience.

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