Car Accident: Was LYP Driving?

Wubing, on June 15th, 2009 said:
Feifan, you heard about this news ? It was all over Singapore’s newspaper last nite –

li_ya_weiLi Ya Wei (李亚伟), Li Ya Peng’s (李亚鹏) older brother, with Ma Jia (马葭), LYP’s manager.

[Reply 6.15.09] Hi, Wubing. Yes, I’ve been seeing bits and pieces in the online Chinese newspapers. The details of the accident in the article are confusing. Based on the article, this is what seems to have happened: On 25 April 2009, in Zhejiang Province, Li Ya Wei (李亚伟) was driving a van on North Avenue in Hengdian. A car struck the van from behind, forcing the van onto the sidewalk and into a pedestrian, who later died at the scene.

[Added 6.15.09: I’m reading conflicting reports. In a Sina report today, LYW is the driver of the car, an Audi TT, and the van was driven by another driver, who ran a red light and struck LYW’s Audi from behind, driving the Audi into the pedestrian.]

The victim’s family claims that two eyewitnesses thought LYP, Faye Wong’s (王菲) husband, was the driver. A review of video from a surveillance camera is inconclusive, with no clear image of the driver of the van. Police reports indicate Li Ya Wei was the driver. The victim’s family wants the case reopened and are seeking compensation from LYP.

LYP expressed sympathy for the family, but he claims that he wasn’t anywhere near the accident. He was filming a TV series, and his crew members are his witnesses. LYP’s manager, Ma Jia (马葭), claims that the family is trying to blackmail LYP.

I haven’t posted anything up until now since, as far as I know, Faye hasn’t issued a statement. However, I think you’re right. We should probably post this story for possible discussion since it will probably impact Faye.

Wubing, thanks for your message and the URL.

Faye Wong on 7 March 2009

On 7 March 2009, Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) were photographed at Beijing’s Da Wang Road. Earlier, before meeting up with Faye, LYP and Ma Jia (马葭), his manager, had tea at a hotel restaurant.

(Source: Netease Entertainment, Blog.Tom)

What’s Stalling Faye Wong’s Return?

I’m sure this question has been on the minds of millions of Faye Wong (王菲) fans throughout the world for the last four years. Since her last No Faye, No Live! concert in Guangzhou on 10 January 2005, the release of the concert album in November 2004, and her To Love (將愛 Jiang Ai) album in November 2003, we have been waiting for a new album or concert performance.

Will 2009 be the year when Faye returns?

I’m not an insider like Katie Chen (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying), Carina Lau (刘嘉玲 Liu Jia Ling), Vicki Zhao (赵薇 Zhao Wei), or Ma Jia (马葭) so I can’t answer this question with any kind of authority, but like most of you, I’ve been following her career very closely and have a number of thoughts on what may be keeping Faye from returning to her performing career.


(Photo source: 7_70)

There are a number of clues that might, together, provide an explanation:

Clue 1. Faye isn’t motivated by money. She never has been and probably never will. Thus, multimillion dollar offers may not have the appeal that it does for most people.

Clue 2. She’s not staying away because of the children, Tong Tong (竇靖童 Dou Jingtong) and Li Yan (李嫣), as many believe. Yes, she loves them and enjoys caring for them, but in the past, she resumed her career almost immediately after Tong Tong’s birth.

Clue 3. Since Coming Home in August 1992, every album has been different in the sense that, in each, Faye pushes the envelope, experimenting and trying new things. The point is that her discography since 1992 is a continuous progression, development, or growth. In her last album, Jiang Ai, Faye served as co-producer, with Zhang Ya Dong (張亞東), of the entire album. She also composed and wrote three of the songs, the title track “To Love,” “Leave Nothing” (不留), and “Sunshine Dearest” (陽寶), and she composed the music for “April Snow” (四月雪).

Clue 4. She’s not resting, as many seem to believe. Faye has tremendous energy and strength, and the reason for her absence from the limelight isn’t physical.

Clue 5. She’s not being restrained or held back by her husband, Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), as some believe. In fact, LYP is her biggest fan and would want nothing better than to see and hear Faye perform once again. However, to his credit, he’s leaving the decision solely in her hands.

Clue 6. Faye hasn’t lost her voice as some speculate. Her voice and talents are part of her DNA, and she can’t lose what’s a natural part of her. Also, her 18 May 2008 earthquake relief live performance with Faith Yang ( 杨乃文, Yang Nai Wen), Eason Chan (陈奕迅, Chen Yi Xun, ), and Aniu (阿牛) in “Wishing We Last Forever” demonstrated to the world that her voice is as beautiful as ever.

Clue 7. She hasn’t lost her looks. All one has to do is look at her recent photos and videos. She is absolutely gorgeous!

Clue 8. Faye isn’t restless, and this is a major reason, I think, for her reluctance to reignite her career. In the past, her creative juices flowed when she was restless or impatient. It’s almost as though she’s driven by an inner force that only she can feel — a force that can be released only through creative expression in music.

Clue 9. She hasn’t seen or heard anything in the current music scene to spark her creative energies. There’s no modern day equivalent of Teresa Teng (鄧麗君 Deng Lijun) or Cocteau Twins to inspire her. And her former collaborators, Zhang and Lin Xi (林夕), as well as C. Y. Kong, Dou Wei (竇唯), and Nic Tse (谢霆锋 Xie Tingfeng), haven’t been working with her to create new material.

Clue 10. Faye has never said that she’s retired or retiring from her career. And this is perhaps the most important clue. She’s leaving the door open simply because she may want to step into the recording studio when the spirit moves her. There’s no timetable. It’s just a matter of waiting for the right moment to strike, when her adrenaline and restlessness kicks in.

A Likely Scenario for Faye’s Return

So, given these clues, what’s a likely scenario for her return? My guess is that either or both Zhang and Lin Xi will have to make the first move by presenting Faye with new songs or concepts that could be exciting for her. It’ll have to be sufficiently different, new, and edgy, and it’ll have to be something that fits Faye and represents, for her, growth.

These two have collaborated extensively with Faye in the past, and, together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I’d also toss C. Y. Kong, Dou Wei, and Nic into the mix. Faye brings out the genius in each of these guys, and, together, they could create the kind of music that would stir the restlessness or anxiety within Faye that seeks creative expression in music.

In this scenario, Faye would play many different roles, as she has in the past, when she felt in sync with her collaborators, and these roles will include bouncing off her partners and adding her own touches, including original compositions or lyrics or both.

These individuals, including Faye, intuitively realize that, alone, each can’t grow. It’s only in collaboration that they can transcend the limits of their own talents and create music that’ll take them and the entire industry to a whole new level.

So, how do we get this ball rolling? I’d say that someone has to take the initiative, the first step. And from where I’m sitting, the most likely candidate for this task is Katie. She has the personality, the power, and the talent to bring people together. She needs to make this happen by contacting the individuals and asking them to work with Faye to take up where she left off in 2005.

The goal would definitely not be to do an oldies-but-goodies rehash of past hits. Instead, it would be to continue the growth that stopped in 2005, to take the next step into a new and different sound that is purely Faye Wong.

Photo of LYP’s Attack

Bangkok International Airport. Here’s a photo of Li Yapeng’s (李亚鹏) attack on a paparazzi today, 23 July 2008. Apparently, Faye Wong (王菲) and the others were at a different location in the airport and didn’t witness the incident. Ma Jia (马葭), LYP’s manager, said she didn’t see what happened but believes that if LYP did react so strongly, he must have felt that his family was being violated beyond what would be considered tolerable. Ma Jia said that for LYP, family is the bottom line, the most important, and he would do what’s necessary to protect them. From the video posted earlier, it’s clear to me that LYP is trying to protect Li Yan (李嫣) from media exposure. Reports indicate that the photographer filed or is planning to file a complaint with the authorities re the attack. In the following hours, we should get a better idea of what’s happening and what might happen.

(source Netease 23 July 2008)

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(source Netease 23 July 2008)

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