Faye Wong Is Not Pregnant?

Morning Post reporter Luo Jun Peng writes on Sep 16 that, according to Katie Chen (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying), Faye Wong (王菲) is not pregnant. In an interview on Sep 14, Katie is alleged to have admitted that she made a mistake when she announced that Faye was pregnant. The mistake, she said, was due to a late menstrual period.

This report lends credence to rumors over the last week or so that Faye had a miscarriage or an abortion in late-August. Speculation is that her age, 39, and previous cesarean births have made it dangerous for her to attempt a third pregnancy.

Rare Songs – I Have a Date with Spring

This song and video qualifies as both a rare song and a rare video. “I Have a Date with Spring” (我和春天有個約會) was added to YouTube by Tunglin7 yesterday, 21 June 2008. I’ve neither seen this video nor heard this song by Faye Wong (王菲). I believe the video was made in 1994, the same year the film by the same name was released. [See Deb’s comment re the possible background of this program. 9.16.08] The film, an adaptation from a stage play, starred Alice Lau (劉雅麗). The audio (below) was ripped from the video.

Faye’s “I Have a Date with Spring”

Faye’s performance is fun to watch. The year is 1994, and her career is on the rise. In this live TV broadcast, Faye isn’t quite prepared to sing the song. She’s off cue at the start, and she acknowledges her mistake with her characteristic whirl and good-natured smile. This is one of the qualities I admire in Faye. She acknowledges and accepts her gaffs on stage with a big smile and gesture, and moves on. No big deal. And the performance is richer for her being so human and natural.

Alice Lau’s video of “I Have a Date with Spring” (see below), was added to YouTube by Nicklee252 on 8 Sep 2007. Her style is very different from Faye’s. I think this scene is from the film, which I’ve never seen. The audio is a rip from the video. It eliminates the long instrumental introduction.

Alice Lau’s “I Have a Date with Spring”