Car Accident: Was LYP Driving?

Wubing, on June 15th, 2009 said:
Feifan, you heard about this news ? It was all over Singapore’s newspaper last nite –

li_ya_weiLi Ya Wei (李亚伟), Li Ya Peng’s (李亚鹏) older brother, with Ma Jia (马葭), LYP’s manager.

[Reply 6.15.09] Hi, Wubing. Yes, I’ve been seeing bits and pieces in the online Chinese newspapers. The details of the accident in the article are confusing. Based on the article, this is what seems to have happened: On 25 April 2009, in Zhejiang Province, Li Ya Wei (李亚伟) was driving a van on North Avenue in Hengdian. A car struck the van from behind, forcing the van onto the sidewalk and into a pedestrian, who later died at the scene.

[Added 6.15.09: I’m reading conflicting reports. In a Sina report today, LYW is the driver of the car, an Audi TT, and the van was driven by another driver, who ran a red light and struck LYW’s Audi from behind, driving the Audi into the pedestrian.]

The victim’s family claims that two eyewitnesses thought LYP, Faye Wong’s (王菲) husband, was the driver. A review of video from a surveillance camera is inconclusive, with no clear image of the driver of the van. Police reports indicate Li Ya Wei was the driver. The victim’s family wants the case reopened and are seeking compensation from LYP.

LYP expressed sympathy for the family, but he claims that he wasn’t anywhere near the accident. He was filming a TV series, and his crew members are his witnesses. LYP’s manager, Ma Jia (马葭), claims that the family is trying to blackmail LYP.

I haven’t posted anything up until now since, as far as I know, Faye hasn’t issued a statement. However, I think you’re right. We should probably post this story for possible discussion since it will probably impact Faye.

Wubing, thanks for your message and the URL.