1993 Mild Seven Music Festival Video – Rare Songs

I found the 1993 Mild Seven Music Festival video at Tudou by accident yesterday. I was browsing through the selections and stumbled onto it. All four songs below were in the one video. Three of the songs are Faye hits. The fourth is a complete mystery to me, but it’s fun to watch. This is early in Faye’s career when some criticized her for being cold, but we can already see the fun-loving part of Faye in the dance routines that make up much of the fourth video.

I’d never heard these versions of Faye’s songs before. For me, they’re new. I decided to split the four songs into separate videos, and in the process I removed two clips of the host. I also decided to rip MP3s from all four. They are listed below in reverse order, i.e., “Don’t Be Shy” is actually last in the original video. My favorite of the bunch is “Don’t Be Shy” (originally released with Softhard in 1993). But the best thing about all three of the Faye songs is that they’re different, with fresh upbeat arrangements. You’ll hear and see the difference, and I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. “Fragile Woman” and “No Regrets” rock! The rap that’s been inserted into “Fragile Woman” is really cool.

I think this video makes it very clear that Faye is best on stage when she’s loose and relaxed, just being herself and having fun. This is evident as early as 1993, when this video was shot. BTW, Faye looks hot in all four videos.

“Don’t Be Shy” live 1993

“Fragile Woman” live 1993

“No Regrets” live 1993

(1.03.2010: This version replaced the earlier version.)

Title Unknown, threesome live 1993 (Faye sings background)

Rare Songs – A Better Tomorrow

This is a rare song and video of Faye Wong (王菲) and Sally Yeh (葉蒨文 Yeh Wen Qian) singing “A Better Tomorrow” (明天會更好). The year, I believe, is 1997. (Added 10.7.08: See Deb’s comment re the handover of HK, which occurred on 7.1.97. Click here here for a related post.) The audio was recorded from the video, which was added to YouTube on 2 July 2006 by Muzikube, who has uploaded many of the best Faye videos. If you have a chance to view the video on the YouTube site, be sure to take the time to read the comments. Wild! Some of Faye’s and Sally’s fans are going at it, arguing about who’s better or more famous. It’s kinda sad because from what I’ve seen of them when they’re together, Sally has always been warm and gracious toward Faye, and I think Faye likes and respects Sally in return. I think audiences misunderstand Faye’s seriousness and read it as either being cold, aloof, or angry. I think Faye fans know that she doesn’t fake it by smiling when she doesn’t really feel like it. She is always honest in expressing her feelings.

Rare Songs – ‘Love Commandments’ Remixed

Faye Wong’s (王菲) “Love Commandments” was first released in Chang You in Oct 1998. It is the Cantonese version of “Forbidden Love,” and it appears as track 3 on the second of the two-disc set.

The remix of  “Love Commandments” (the first audio below) was done by C.Y. Kong, the arranger and composer who worked with Faye on many of her greatest hits. To my knowledge, this remix was never officially released. What makes it interesting and rare is that it uses the arrangement from the Mandarin version, “Forbidden Love” (the third audio below), instead of the more familiar arrangement (the second audio below) in the two-disc set. According to C.Y., the remix is slightly different, and the guitars were played by Joey Tang. Joey’s arguably the hottest rock guitarist in China. You can see and hear him in Faye’s 2003 concert video, for example, in the opening song, “Sky.”

1. “Love Commandments” remixed by C. Y. Kong in Sep 1998

2. “Love Commandments” from the original release, disc 2 track 3 – Cantonese version of “Forbidden Love.”

3. “Forbidden Love” from the original release, disc 1 track 3 -in Mandarin.

4. Update 6 March 2009: “The Sex Commandment DJ008 Remix.” See “Wubing: ‘Sex Commandment DJ008 Remix’

Rare Songs – A Small Wish

(王菲) songs, I found this interesting karaoke video“A Small Wish” (一個小心願), first released in the album Where Comes the Wind (風從哪裡來) when Faye was 15. The album was released as a cassette by Yunan Audio and Video on 15 June 1985. (Click here for an earlier article about this album.) In 2003, Focus Music Ltd., China, released a CD version.

What’s interesting is that the video is badly out of sync with the audio. (See the video below.) Obviously, she was singing a different song in the original MV. The producers simply dubbed the audio over the video and added the subtitle lyrics. The result is a mature Faye singing in a 15-year-old’s voice. But what’s even more interesting is that the combination actually works, telling us that, at 15, Faye’s voice was already surprisingly mature and beautiful.

When I compared the video audio to the version on the 2003 CD, I realized that they were different, either remixed or completely different recordings. I then searched online for other versions and came across a recording in Imeem similar to the video audio but of better quality. The 2003 recording has been re-engineered to HDCD specs, highlighting the innocent child-like quality of Faye’s 15-year-old voice. The other version seems more natural, a bit more mature. (See comment by Anonymous below.) Here are the two versions:

The version from Irene’s Imeem site, uploaded 8 months ago. It’s similar to the Karaoke video.

The 2003 CD version.

Cover of the 2003 CD release of Where Comes the Wind.

(Added to YouTube by

Comment from Anonymous 9.1.08: The You tube and Imeem versions are taken from her album covering teresa teng’s songs “fei mi mi zhi yin” [track 11 in The Decadent Sound of Faye, July 1995] which is why it sounds more updated than the 2003 version, which is very 80s.

Rare Songs – Faye, Sandy & Shirley

A rare song and video – Faye Wong (王菲),  Sandy  Lam (林憶蓮 Lin Yilian), and Shirley  Kwan (關淑怡 Guan Shuyi) singing “The Unstoppable Style” (擋不住的風情) live. The audio below was ripped from the video.

(added to YouTube by muzikube on 2 Sep 2007)

Rare Songs – 999 Roses with Samuel Tai

A rare duet by Faye Wong (王菲) and Samuel Tai (邰正宵 Tai Zhengxiao), singing “999 Roses” (九百九十九玫瑰). Not sure about the year — 1994, 1995? The audio was ripped from the video below. Faye’s voice is beautiful, crystal clear, and her harmony with Sam is breathtaking.

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Rare Songs – Lau Fei Fei with Tony

Here’s a rare song and rare video — Faye Wong (王菲) and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (梁朝偉) in a live 1994 performance in a huge stadium singing “Lau Fei Fei” (流非飛, Flow Not Fly), released in Faye’s Sep 1993 album, Hundred Thousand Whys. It was at about the time Chungking Express was being released, and they were beginning to establish an onscreen chemistry that would play out in other films. In this performance, we can see that Faye is in her element. In CKE, Faye’s first serious film, she felt awkward and out of place, claiming that she could only be herself and didn’t know how to act. As it turns out, this is exactly what Wong Kar-Wai (王家卫), the award-winning director, was looking for. Faye went on to win awards for her performance, and CKE is considered one of the best films in the world. The audio below was ripped from the video.

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