I’m Willing – A Different Version

Wow! This is a major Faye Wong (王菲) discovery for me. A version of “I’m Willing (unplugged)” (我愿意) that I’ve never heard. It was “buried” in a YouTube upload by Sallylokmb (4 June 2008) called “I’m Willing Longer Version” (我願意加長版). It’s longer (04:45) because it’s actually two different versions, separated by a brief drumroll: the original, from Mystery (rel Apr 1994), in the first half (02:25), and the “new” in the second (02:22). In the video and the audio of the long version (below), the new begins at about 02:26.

There are quite a few pops in the audio, especially the first half. Fortunately, there are only a few in the second, which contains the new version. In the audio (below) of the second half, I edited out the two prominent pops. ADDED: The Tudou audio versions below are a lot better!

Different version only: “I’m Willing (unplugged)” 02:22, edited 6.15.08 – pops removed

Full version: “I’m Willing – Long Version (unplugged)” 04:48, raw 6.15.08; the different version begins at 02:26

(added to YouTube by sallylokmb on 4 June 2008)

Added 6.15.08:

Tudou different version only: “I’m Willing (unplugged)”

Tudou full version: “I’m Willing – Long Version (unplugged)”

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