‘Auld Lang Syne’ Video from Faye Wong’s 1998 Concert

One of the most vexing decisions re any of Faye Wong’s (王菲) releases is the omission of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Auld Lang Syne” from the Faye HK Scenic Tour 98-99 VCD. For years, I’ve been searching for them. I finally found the missing “Auld Lang Syne” clip in Tudou.


Dan on 7 March 2009 said:
I found the original video of this countdown video. The audio of the one on tudou is out of sync. This original one [see below] doesn’t have that problem.

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  1. Hi feifan, can i have the original tudou link of this video? I couldn’t download it using download helper. Thanks!

  2. I just tried to work back to the Tudou “Auld Lang Syne” video site and couldn’t find it. I found it by accident when surfing through another site. I wasn’t looking for this video. I’ll try a google on “auld lang syne” and “faye wong” or “1999” when I get a chance. It was definitely a Tudou site, though. Hopefully someone else will know the URL and post it.
    [Added a few minutes later:] No luck with google. I’ll keep looking and post the URL when I find it.

  3. Thanks, Dan!

  4. I found the original video of this countdown video. The audio of the one on tudou is out of sync. This original one doesn’t have that problem.


  5. Dan, thanks for the link to the in-sync “Auld Lang Syne” video! This is a rare highlight from one of Faye’s best concert performances, and it’s too bad the version we have is out of sync. I can’t seem to log in to the download site right now. I’ll try again later. When I have it, I’ll use it to replace the one we have now.

    UPDATE 3.7.09: Got it! It’s up! Thanks, Dan!

    2nd UPDATE 3.7.09: It’s weird. The video that I just uploaded seems slightly out of sync, too. But the version that I downloaded earlier to my computer from the host site is OK. If you experience the same, too, then I wonder if it’s a WordPress problem.

  6. The video you uploaded onto Word Press works fine when i view it., just like the original video. Thanks.

  7. Dan, thanks for the feedback! I just played the video you provided, and it seems to be working great! I’m wondering now if the problem is in my computer. Thanks again. I love the 1998-99 concert, and a video of this song that is in sync is a treasure. Faye is so “real,” natural, genuine. And so beautiful!

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