Faye at Na Ying’s New Year’s Eve Concert

Faye Wong (王菲) was introduced with great applause at Na Ying’s (那英) New Year’s Eve concert in Beijing’s Capital Stadium. It’s been twenty years since her last concert in Beijing. In an onstage exchange, guitarist Wei Jen said with emotion, “If there is an opportunity for Na Ying and Faye Wong to work together once more, I will die without regrets.” Na Ying immediately replied, “When you’re dying, Faye Wong and I will come to your bedside and sing for you.” When she did a cover of Faye’s “Red Beans,” she encouraged her fans to sing along with her, saying, “We cannot lose face in front of Faye Wong. We must promote a good image!” (Source Sina.com 1.1.10) Faye’s thoughtfulness and intelligence is evident in the photos of her outside the concert hall. (Click on the link below.) Making her way toward the entrance through the swarms of photographers, she holds up a program featuring Na Ying’s photo, letting everyone know that the concert is all about her very good friend and not about her. Faye is often hesitant to make these appearances because she doesn’t want to draw attention away from friends such as Na Ying.

Click here for more photos.

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  1. dear mrs wong when u going to have concert in usa please let me know thank y ou i am your fan

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