Faye’s Press Conference 19 July 2010

In a press conference in Beijing, 19 July 2010, Faye Wong (王菲) celebrates the advance ticket sales for her comeback concerts, which reached 18,880,000 yuan. Faye will take the stage on October 29, 30, and 31, and November 5 and 6 at the Beijing’s Wukesong Stadium.  The Chinese words in the fourth photo below read: “Faye Wong 2010 tour.” (Sources for info and photos below: Reuters, China Daily, Agencies, Zhengzhou, Netease 7.20.10)

Update 7.19.20: Faye’s red and black outfit is apparently, on the one hand, a tribute to the passing of Dai Sicong, Faye’s teacher, and, on the the other, a symbol for the beginning of a new phase in her career. Reporters thought, at first, that Faye was barefoot. They later realized that she was wearing flat, nearly transparent shoes.

Update 7.19.20: According to Mr. Yang, the ticket agent, the remaining tickets are now middle-priced (Source: Beijing News, Sina.com, 7.20.10).

Update 7.19.20: As usual, Faye didn’t have much to say at the press conference. Her greetings to the media and fans was a simple, “It’s been a long time.” When asked about ticket sales and if she had any tips on how to get them, she replied, “No ticket tips.” When asked to comment on the 18.8 million dollars in ticket sales, she replied, “Is that data correct?” When asked if there’s a relationship between the style of the posters and the modeling that she’s doing for Celine and Elle, she replied, in a small voice, “No.” And that was all she had to say. (Source: Information Times, Netease 7.20.10)

Faye’s reticence and totally honest replies are legendary, and this is no exception. She doesn’t talk for the sake of filling up the silence. If she has nothing to say, she remains quiet. And this is why we love her so much. She doesn’t fake it, nor does she play up to the media to win their favor. She’s always true to herself and says what she thinks and feels.

New rumors are beginning to spread in the media, as they always do with a blitz like this one. The latest is that Katie, Faye’s manager, has confirmed that Faye will tour the Mainland next year, 2011, and will, at the start of the tour, release a new album for the comeback series. (Source: China Entertainment Network News, 7.19.10)

7 Responses

  1. Faye looks so stunning and radiant and yet so humble. I showed the video to a friend and they couldn’t tell who the celebrity was in it!

    On kind of a humorous aside, her outfit is reminiscent of Harley Quinn, one of my personal favorite Batman villains. :!

  2. Also, for those interested in purchasing tickets. I found a reliable looking website. http://www.tickets365.com.cn/tk2005/eng/ticket_detail.jsp?ticketid=68865

    They charge 220-550 RMB for shipping (depending on where you live) with optional 80 RMB delivery insurance and a 4% service fee. They are only offering tickets for the Shanghai venue for seats ranging from 1000 – 2000 RMB.

    If you live in the US, they work out to be $211.84 – $365.34

    Oh, I wish I could go!

  3. will she release a new album?
    if so, i hope it contains all new songs
    rather than an EP of “legend”, the confucius theme song, angel foundation song, etc.
    honestly, i don’t really like any of them very much; i listen to them only because i miss faye’s voice
    she is the singer of those songs, but they not her music
    her music = songs she either wrote the lyrics for, composed in their entirety, or songs like “流浪的紅舞鞋”
    cannot express in words how HAPPY i am about faye’s comeback

  4. Happy!! Excited!! =D

  5. i love faye but that’s a really boring dress she’s wearing

  6. Away~ Yes, I agree. Faye looks radiant. Those fayenatics who have actually met Faye, face to face, all say that she literally glows. I think it’s because her beauty is from deep within, a beautiful soul radiating outward.

    Chelsea, I agree that Faye is best with her own music, when she has total control over what she sings and how she sings it. Like you and Yan Kiat, I’m happy beyond words that she’s finally back!

    Cejan, I believe the dress was selected to express the ambiguity of the moment. On the one hand, the tremendous sadness that Faye is feeling over the death of her former teacher. Yet, on the other, the happiness that she feels toward her return. Under the circumstances, a more glamorous outfit may not have been appropriate. Faye is an intensely loyal and caring friend who never forgets those who are close to her or who have helped her. This is why they’ve stayed with her throughout her career. She’s genuine in expressing her feelings, and I believe this is why all of her songs are so memorable. They’re not simply performances but expressions of deep personal feelings. If the feeling isn’t present, she won’t do the song.

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